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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 93

Here's the info for DWA Issue 93:

Captain Jack special!

John Barrowman talks to Doctor Who Adventures.

This week’s Doctor Who Adventures celebrates the unstoppable force that is Captain Jack. We’ve got all the facts you need to know about this top Time Agent, an interview with Jack actor John Barrowman, a photo story of Jack blasting the Supreme Dalek and a poster of the brave Torchwood hero.

John Barrowman tells Doctor Who Adventures how he reacted when he first saw Davros on set while filming the final episodes of Series Four.

“I literally freaked out!’” says John. “He is the best villain and I shook a little!”
On whether he wants to be the next Doctor:“I don’t think I would be but I’d love to be!”
On how he reacted when he first got the part:“Russell T Davies told me recently that he knew I was going to be Captain Jack before I even met with him. When they told me I got the part, I did what I call a yankie-doodle backflip off the wall!”

We’ve also got speculation on who the Eleventh Doctor could be, the hotly awaited results of our Whovie competition, in which readers told us what they’d most like to see a Doctor Who feature-length film about, a fantastic Time Beetle make and loads more!

The issue comes with a FREE inflatable TARDIS!

  • Amazing posters! Jack, The End of the World, and The Mark of the Berserker
  • Fact file: Captain Jack Harkness at your service!
  • Sarah Jane Adventures: A fact file on the Brigadier and a sneak peek at part one of Enemy of the Bane
  • Doctor’s data: Brave Midshipman Frame
  • Comps: Win the complete box set of Doctor Who Series Four!
  • Comic strip: Part one of The Giant’s Ring.
  • Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get Dalek Sec and TARDIS mini diecasts.
Doctor Who Adventures Issue 93, priced £2.10, is out now. It’s a full-on Jack attack!

The next Issue come free with a TARDIS money box.