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Friday, 10 September 2010

New Merchandise!

An update on new Doctor Who merchandise:

Silurian & Stone Dalek Standees
Cardboard cutouts have traditionally lined shop windows and the cinema foyer for years, but now you too can decorate your own home, office, child's bedroom or party venue with your favourite, movie, music or TV stars!

This lifesize cardboard cutout of a Silurian from Doctor Who measures 180cm high and is sure to turn heads and wow vistors in equal measure!

This Silurian standee is the perfect focus point of any themed party or a gift sure to delight the most avid fan. All cutouts are designed to be self supporting and are assembled within seconds. Alternatively it is possible to leave the supports flat and wall mount the standee as you wish. All lifesize standups fold down for easy storage.

The Silurain standee is on sale now. You can order it here for £29.99. Availabilty of the Stone Dalek standee is as of yet unknown.

Rememberance of the Daleks Figure Set
The Tardis arrives in London in 1963, where the Doctor and Ace discover that two rival factions of Daleks - one loyal to the Dalek Emperor and one to the Dalek Supreme - are seeking the Hand of Omega, a powerful Time Lord device that the first Doctor hid there during an earlier sojourn on Earth.

The great set includes four figures - Special Weapons Dalek, White Imperial Dalek, Renegade Dalek and Supreme Dalek.

The set is on sale exclusively at Forbidden Planet stores from 8th October priced £34.99.


lifesize cardboard cutouts said...

Creative one. Often, after a film's premiere, the studio will auction off many of the props and costumes used in the film for the purpose of charity.

Hollywood Megastore said...

Astonishing pieces. Fortunately many party stores also carry "Hollywood" themed decorations.

party standups

Thisishollywood said...

Good stuffs. lots of people chose to buy and sell memorabilia as part of a fun hobby.

lifesize cardboard cutouts