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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 486

Panini have issued the cover and details of this month's edition of Doctor Who magazine:

Former showrunner Russell T Davies talks Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll in the latest edition of Doctor Who magazine. 

The man who brought Doctor Who back to TV in 2005 returns with an audio adaptation of his very first Doctor Who adventure, the 1996 novel Damaged Good. Davies tells DWM how the story influenced his reinvention of the TV series:

"It kind of shows the promise that I didn't know was there with Doctor Who. Because Doctor Who - the 'classic' Doctor Who that I grew up loving - didn't, famously, blow up the world. Invasions and monsters would tend to limit themselves to the gardens of UNIT, or a country house. It's interesting, that sequence in Damaged Goods with the train blowing up, which then led to me destroying the entire city - that kind of liberated me, and then I carried that into Doctor Who. So I was thinking 'Right, you can have a spaceship crash into Big Ben, you can do anything you like..'"


Damaged Goods - The Audio Version
DWM talks to the cast of the new audio of Damaged Goods, including Sylvester McCoy, Yasmin Bannerman, Michelle Collins, Denise Black, Peter Barrett, Daniel Brocklebank, Richard Hope and the script-writer of the adaptation, Jonathan Morris.

Carole Ann Ford is Taken Back in Time
Carole Ann Ford reminisces about being the Doctor's very first companion, as she looks through fascinating scrapbooks containing rare and unique clippings that were compiled by the original producer of the series, Verity Lambert.

Video Tasty
DWM reveals the history of how Doctor Who was brought to home video, and talks to the people responsible for the early releases. Plus, never-before-printed information on what the censors thought of the episodes...

Barry Newbery Remembered
A tribute to the late Barry Newbery, the man who designed many classic Doctor Who stories during the 1960s and 70s.

The Highlanders
Discover fascinating new facts about the 1966-67 Second Doctor adventure The Highlanders in The Fact of Fiction.

Doctor Who Adventures
Go behind the scenes of the children's magazine Doctor Who Adventures, as DWM chats to editor Jason Quinn about his plans for the relaunched title.

Blood and Ice
Clara sees double while the Doctor makes a chilling discovery! Blood and Ice - the brand new comic strip written by Jacqueline Rayner and illustrated by Martin Geraghty - continues...

Steven Moffat Answers Your Questions
Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions, and talks about the casting of Game of Thrones star Masie Williams in Doctor Who.

Reviews and previews; Relative Dimensions; Wotcha!; The DWM Crossword, prize-winning competitions, official news and more.

Issue 486 of Doctor Who magazine is on sale from today until 27th May priced £4.99. In other news: Jemma Redgrave has been confirmed to reprise the role of Kate Stewart in the seventh and eighth episodes of the next series of Doctor Who as well as it's opening two-parter.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Glamour Chronicles - Covers & Details

BBC Books have issued the covers and details of a set new Doctor Who novels featuring the Twelfth Doctor titled The Glamour Chronicles:

DEEP TIME - by Trevor Baxendale
The Phaeron disappeared from the universe over a million years ago. They travelled among the stars using roads made from time and space, but left only relics behind. But what actually happened to the Phaeron? Some believe they were they eradicated by a superior force… Others claim they destroyed themselves. Or were they in fact the victims of an even more hideous fate?

In the far future, humans discover the location of the last Phaeron road - and the Doctor and Clara join the mission to see where the road leads. Each member of the research team knows exactly what they’re looking for - but only the Doctor knows exactly what they’ll find. Because only the Doctor knows the true secret of the Phaeron: a monstrous secret so terrible and powerful that it must be buried in the deepest grave imaginable…

ROYAL BLOOD - by Una McCormack
The city-state of Varuz is failing. Duke Aurelian is the last of his line, his capital is crumbling, and the armies of his enemy, Duke Conrad, are poised beyond the mountains to invade. Aurelian is preparing to gamble everything on one last battle. So when a holy man, the Doctor, comes to Varuz from beyond the mountains, Aurelian asks for his blessing in the war.

But all is not what it seems in Varuz. The city-guard have lasers for swords, and the halls are lit by electric candlelight. Aurelian’s beloved wife, Guena, and his most trusted knight, Bernhardt, seem to be plotting to overthrow their Duke, and Clara finds herself drawn into their intrigue. Will the Doctor stop Aurelian from going to war? Will Clara’s involvement in the plot against the Duke be discovered? Why is Conrad’s ambassador so nervous? And who are the ancient and weary knights who arrive in Varuz claiming to be on a quest for the Holy Grail…?

Christmas 2015, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when a time portal opens up in Sydney Cove. Imagine their shock as a massive pyramid now sits beside the Harbour Bridge, inconveniently blocking Port Jackson and glowing with energy. Imagine their fear as Cyrrus "the mobster" Globb, Professor Horace Jaanson and an alien assassin called Kik arrive to claim the glowing pyramid. Finally imagine everyone’s dismay when they are followed by a bunch of con artists out to spring their greatest grift yet.

This gang consists of Legs (the sexy comedian), Dog Boy (providing protection and firepower), Shortie (handling logistics), Da Trowel (in charge of excavation and history) and their leader, Doc (busy making sure the universe isn’t destroyed in an explosion that makes the Big Bang look like a damp squib). And when someone accidentally reawakens the Ancients of Time - which, Doc reckons, wasn’t the wisest or best-judged of actions - things get a whole lot more complicated…

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles are on sale from 10th September priced £6.99 each. In other news: Doctor Who won the BAFTA award for Special, Visual & Graphic Effects, the second time in a row for the show.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Series 9 - New Monster Revealed

The BBC have published two images that depict a new monster set to feature in the forthcoming ninth series of Doctor Who, with the following Tweet.

What’s that in the shadows? New monster about to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

Filming with the monster is currently under way in filming block three, which makes up the fifth and sixth episodes of the series. Doctor Who returns this Autumn to BBC One and BBC One HD.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who - Cover & Details

BBC Books have issued the cover and details of a new Doctor Who reference book:

Doctor Who stories are many things: thrilling adventures, historical dramas, tales of love and war and jelly babies. They’re also science fiction - but how much of the science is actually real, and how much is really fiction?

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who is a mind-bending blend of story and science that will help you see Doctor Who in a whole new light, weaving together a series of all-new adventures, featuring every incarnation of the Doctor.

With commentary that explores the possibilities of time travel, life on other planets, artificial intelligence, parallel universes and more, Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula show how Doctor Who uses science to inform its unique style of storytelling - and just how close it has often come to predicting future scientific discoveries.

This book is your chance to be the Doctor’s companion and explore what’s out there. It will make you laugh, and think, and see the world around you differently. Because anything could be out there. And going out is the only way to learn what it is.

The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who is on sale from 4th June priced £16.99.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 1

Panini - the new publishers of Doctor Who Adventures - have issued the cover and details of their first edition:

Doctor Who Adventures has changed its look and is now ageing up in profile to appeal to readers of all ages from 5 - 1005! With games, posters, puzzles and makes, Doctor Who Adventures will take you to incredible new worlds and introduce you to some of the most wonderful beings in the universe!

Issue 1 comes with Free 3D glasses, notepad and stickers!

Inside the new issue:
  • Empire’s Fall: A 9 page strip story with art by Russ Leach, script by Jason Quinn and colours by Panini veteran John Burns.
  • UNIT Alien Archives: Readers will be able to access UNIT’s top secret alien archives to find out all about the deadly Skovox Blitzer as seen in last season’s The Caretaker.
  • World of Science: Readers will then be able to join the Doctor as he experiments with science. After reading this issue, you need never fear a blackout again, especially if you happen to have a bag of fruit, some alligator clips and an LED light bulb in your pockets.
  • Strax’s Guide to the Galaxy: Everyone’s favourite Sontaran will be showing you some of the best and worst places in the universe as he takes you to the moon, Mars, Alfa Metraxis and Sontar!
  • Twisted Conundrums: While the Doctor and Clara are busy saving planet Earth, you can help them by completing a series of fiendish puzzles and activities.
  • The Paternoster Gang Investigates: Then it’s off back to the 19th Century to join Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax as they investigate the singular case of the Blue Men of the Minch in this three-page story.

Issue 1 of the relaunched Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 23rd April until 20th May priced £3.99.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Series 8 Soundtrack - Cover & Details

Silva Screen have issued the cover and details of the Doctor Who Series 8 soundtrack:

Doctor Who: Series 8 will be the first soundtrack release of music from the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, featuring the new Doctor’s theme A Good Man? (Twelve’s Theme).

This 3 disc set also includes the music from the episode Last Christmas and an extensive 24 page booklet with notes from Murray Gold. The score is performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Ben Foster and James Shearman and with Murray Gold on keyboards, guitars and synths.

The first 5000 copies of the CD will include an extra 16 page booklet depicting the 13 retro posters designed by Stuart Manning for Radio Times, one for each episode and be packaged in a slip case. All pre-ordered product on this store will include the extra booklet.

Disc One
01. Doctor Who Theme (Series 8)
02. A Good Man?
03. Something It Ate
04. Concussed
05. It’s Still Him
06. Pudding Brains
07. Breath
08. Hello Hello
09. A Drink First
10. Missy’s Theme
11. Aristotle, We Have Been Hit
12. We’re Still Going to Kill You
13. Tell Me, Am I a Good Man?
14. What Difference a Good Dalek?
15. The Truth About the Daleks
16. Old Fashioned Hero
17. This is My Spoon
18. Robert, Earl of Loxley
19. The Legend of Robin Hood
20. Robin of Sherwood
21. The Golden Arrow
22. Listen
23. Rupert Pink
24. Fear

Disc Two
01. The Architect 
02. Rob the Bank
03. Account Closed
04. Open Up
05. The Caretaker
06. Are You Going to Shoot Me?
07. When I Say Run
08. That is the Moon
09. Start the Clock
10. There’s that Smile
11. The Sarcophagus Opens
12. The Artefact
13. Study Our Own Demise
14. Not Knowing
15. Siege Mode
16. In the Woods
17. We Weren’t Asleep that Long
18. Forgetting 
19. The Song of Danny and Clara
20. Throw Away the Key
21. Browsing 
22. They Walk Among Us
23. There is No Clara Oswald 
24. Missy and Her Boys 
25. A Good Man, an Incredible Liar
26. Freefall
27. I Need to Know
28. Missy’s Theme - Extended
29. Missy’s Gift
30. (The Majestic Tale of) an Idiot with a Box

Disc Three
01. 3 Perfectly Ordinary Roof People
02. Do You Really Believe in Santa?
03. Unsealing the Infirmary
04. Ghosts
05. What Seems to be the Problem?
06. We Don’t Know What’s Real
07. Thinking About It
08. Clara’s Dream Christmas
09. The Doctor’s Dream Christmas
10. Dreams Within Dreams
11. Believe in Santa
12. Sleigh Ride
13. A Reunion
14. Every Christmas is Last Christmas

The Doctor Who Series 8 soundtrack is on sale from 18th May priced £12.99.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Doctor Who Magazine - The Art of Doctor Who

Panini have issued the cover and details of a new one-off edition of Doctor Who magazine:

The Art of Doctor Who
The characters and scenarios from Doctor Who have been inspiring artists since 1963. The latest special edition of Doctor Who magazine celebrates the best of their contributions to both the programme and the vast range of licensed products that rely on their skill. 

"This is how the story of Doctor Who unfolded in the eyes of the artists who interpreted, shaped and represented the show," says editor Marcus Hearn. "In fact, the story begins before the first episode was even transmitted - we have articles examining the creation of the Doctor Who logo and the filming of the original title sequence."

This 100-page Special is packed full of stunning reproductions of original artwork from the Dalek annuals, the Doctor Who annuals, Doctor Who Weekly, the DVD range, the Radio Times, Target Books, TV Century 21, the VHS releases and more. 

Other highlights include:
  • Articles covering the history of graphic design and illustration in Doctor Who, from the early 1960s to the present day.
  • Award-winning graphic designer Bernard Lodge explains how he created the series’ first four title sequences.
  • Concept artists Peter McKinstry and Matt Savage share their portfolios from 21st-century Doctor Who.
  • Interviews with Target Books artists Chris Achilleos, Jeff Cummins, Bill Donohoe, Roy Knipe, Tony Manero, Andrew Skilleter and Nick Spender.
  • Interviews with comics artists including Mike Collins, Martin Geraghty, Dave Gibbons, Richard Piers Rayner, John Ridgway, Nick Roche, John Ross, Adrian Salmon, Lee Sullivan and Alice Zhang.
  • Interviews with VHS and DVD cover artists Lee Binding, Colin Howard and Alister Pearson.

Doctor Who Magazine: The Art of Doctor Who is on sale from today priced £5.99.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Time Lord Letters - Cover & Details

Harper Design have issued the cover and details of a new Doctor Who reference book:

The Time Lord Letters
A unique collection of more than 100 never-before-seen letters, notes, and jottings both by and to the Doctor - correspondence by turns entertaining and inspiring, funny and flippant, brilliant and incredible drawn from all fifty-two years of the show.

No one could travel through history - past present and future - as much as the Doctor does without leaving an impression. Much of what we know about this mysterious figure comes from what he doe s- the planets he saves and the monsters he defeats. But until now we’ve had little knowledge of his writings.

These rich and diverse documents paint an extraordinarily detailed picture of the Doctor and include his plea to the Time Lords to help end the War Games, an extract from the written defence he submitted at his subsequent trial, his application for the post of Caretaker at Coal Hill School, his apology to the Queen for missing dinner, even telepathic messages to the High Council on Gallifrey and his famous letter to Santa Claus. Like the Doctor himself, the mood can change in an instant.

The Time Lord Letters captures the best and most dramatic moments of an impossible life. You’ll never see the Doctor in quite the same way again.

Doctor Who: The Time Lord Letters is on sale from 29th September priced £19.99.