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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Doctor Who: Cardboard Standees - Wave 2

Star Stills have revealed the second wave of Doctor Who cardboard standees. The wave includes:

Weeping Angel
The Master

The standees are on sale from late September priced £29.99 each and the K.9 standee is priced £15.99. In other news: Series one of The Sarah Jane Adventures is to be repeated every Sunday from 2:00pm with two episodes from the series. The repeats start 31st August, with them being able to be watch again on BBC iPlayer after broadcast for UK views.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Doctor Who: Battles in Time - Devastator Series

GE Fabbri have revealed the next card series for Doctor Who: Battles in Time:

Join the Tenth Doctor and face the scariest monsters and vile villains from the latest series of Doctor Who as Doctor Who: Battles in Time launches its latest expansion set covering the fourth series of the massively popular TV show.

Continuing the phenomenal success of Battles in Time’s Exterminator, Annihilator, Invader and Ultimate Monsters sets, the Devastator cards feature 250 brand-new, spectacular images from the fourth year of the TV series.
Prepare to do battle with rabid Ood, lava monsters, the war hungry Sontarans, terrifying creatures that can change time, and Davros, the creator of the dreaded Daleks himself!
The new Devastator set features special holo and lenticular super-rares and ultra-rares, plus a selection powerboosting bonus cards that add exciting new levels to your game-play.

  • 250 unique designs based on the 2008 Doctor Who TV adventures, plus the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned!
  • Pack odds: 209 common cards (9 in every pack); 25 rare (1 in every pack); 10 super-rare (1 in every 6 packs); 6 ultra-rare (1 in every 24 packs). Extra to the set is a Golden Ticket card, which is the rarest card of all - there’s only 1 in every thousand packs!

The Devastator cards are on sale from 3rd September priced £1.50 per pack. The special magazine covering the card series is on sale from 16th September priced £4.99 per copy and comes with 4 packs of Devastor cards.

Torchwood: Lost Souls - Cover & Info

BBC Audio have revealed the cover and synopsis on a new Torchwood audio:

LOST SOULS - written by Joseph Lidster
Martha Jones, ex-time traveller and now working as a doctor for a UN task force, has been called to CERN - the world's largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva - where they're about to activate the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

The LHC is a particle accelerator which has been built deep underground in a 27km tunnel under Switzerland and France. Once activated, the collider will fire beams of protons together, re-creating conditions a billionth of a second after the Big Bang - and potentially allowing the Human race a greater insight into what the universe is made of.

But so much could go wrong - it could open a gateway to a parallel dimension, or create a black hole - and now voices from the past are calling out to people and scientists have started to disappear...

Where have the missing scientists gone? What is the secret of the glowing man? What is lurking in the underground tunnel? And do the dead ever really stay dead?

Torchwood: Lost Souls is on sale from 11th September priced £9.99 per copy. The audio episode is to broadcast on 10th September at 2:15pm on BBC Radio 4 as part of their Big Bang season. In other news: Filming for Torchwood: Children of Earth has recently begun and is to broadcast next spring on BBC One.

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 78

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Invasion of the inflatable Sontarans!
This week’s Doctor Who Adventures comes with a FREE inflatable Sontaran. Blow up the brutish warrior for an instant monster battle! Guarding the Sontaran on the cover is an angry Judoon. Inside you can find out more about them and the outer-space police, the Shadow Proclamation.

Be on your best behaviour though - because they don’t like anyone who breaks Galactic Law.

  • Monster music! Read about the team’s trip to the recent Doctor Who prom.
  • Posters! Brilliant pictures of the Doctor, The Sarah Jane Adventures gang, Judoon, and a Sontaran.
  • Ultimate Ood: Part two of our guide to the Ood!
  • Adventure guide: Trouble for Sarah Jane in Eye of the Gorgon.  
  • Tales from the Tardis: The Doctor and Donna are captured in Planet of the Ood.
  • Secrets: How the face of Davros was created!
  • Who’s where? Take a trip to Camp Caan and find the Time Beetles.
  • Comic strip: Part one of a new adventure for the Doctor and Donna - Attack of the Mange Mites.
  • Doctor’s Data: Facts about the Seventh Doctor.
  • Time Teasers: Puzzles to strain your brain.
  • Woven wordsearch: Win some books!
  • Win: DVDs and a radio-controlled car up for grabs.
  • Subscription offer: subscribe and you’ll get a Free Doctor Who Tardis and Doctor Files.
  • All this and lots more!

Issue 78 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 28th August priced £2.10 per copy.

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 399

The cover and info on this month's edition of Doctor Who magazine:

T├ęte a Tate... in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine!Catherine Tate, aka the unforgettable Donna Noble, talks exclusively in DWM issue 399...

“What’s weird is, I was going into an established, loved, successful show, so part of me was thinking, oh God, there’s a responsibility there to that,” Catherine tells DWM. “But you can’t go on set every day and think, I really hope I don’t ruin this for everyone else involved! You just have to realise, yeah, I’ve taken this job, and the people around me wanted me to do it. Once you get down to the nuts and bolts of making the show, it was absolutely - and I can say this for certain - one of the best experiences of my professional life. Absolutely brilliant. There was just no down point.”

  • She was the the original feisty redhead! Bonnie Langford, aka companion Melainie Bush, talks candidly about her turbulant time on Doctor Who in the 1980s.
  • Manga Doctor Who? Miss Saigon? And the Doctor and Donna at extra-fast speed? Find out what it all means as Executive Producer Julie Gardner tells us what happened when she went to the USA with new showrunner Steven Moffat, in Production Notes.
  • There’s a multitude of adventures for the Doctor and Donna in a very special 10-page comic strip, The Time of My Life, written by Jonathan Morris with art by Rob Davis.
  • It’s a close shave for Peri, as The Time Team get their minds warped by The Trial of a Time Lord!
  • Pomp and circumstance... and Cybermen! DWM takes an exclusive look at August’s fantastic Doctor Who prom and talks to composer Murray Gold and the people who made it happen.
  • Some of the Doctor’s most fondly remembered companions are back in an all-new series of audio adventures! DWM investigates the range and chats to the Doctor’s very first companion Susan, Carole Ann Ford.
  • An alien killer on a space bus? The Doctor on a less-than-relaxing holiday? And bees that are far more intelligent than they appear? It can only be Delta and the Bannermen! Fact of Fiction examines one of the Seventh Doctor’s most extraordinary adventures. It’s tattyfilarious, missus!
  • Neil Harris discovers the possible future of Doctor Who in You Are Not Alone...
  • Plus all the very latest news, reviews, previews, competitions and much, much more!

Issue 399 of Doctor Who magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 17th September priced £3.99 per copy.

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 2 Episode Titles Revealed

The BBC have revealed the titles for each story of series two of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Highlight the gap below to reveal them, but be aware of spoilers:

2.01/02: The Last Sontaran
2.03/04: Day of the Clown
2.05/06: Secrets of the Stars
2.07/08: The Mark of the Berserker
2.09/10: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith
2.11/12: Enemy of the Bane

The Sarah Jane Adventures returns this Autumn to CBBC. More to come!

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