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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 280

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Warning! The Daleks are coming!
"Are you all glued to your tellies watching the Olympics? Strictly speaking I don’t normally like sport. Too much lunging. And bow ties don’t go well with shorts."

"But the first Games in Ancient Greece were a belter! I took bronze in the 500m chariot race and a gang of Auton Romans tried to sneak in to the competition. It was so hot their plastic Feet melted and they got stuck to the ground!"

"Have a good week and beware of stray panthers!"

Are you ready for death by Dalek? In this issue we reveal the sneakiest and creepiest Dalek schemes ever! It's hard to believe, but they do much worse stuff than just exterminate! Also, there are more monster texts, a scorching quiz, info on young Amy and Rory and two brilliant comics!

This issue is packed with gifts - get your hands on a super-cool travel set, including a yo-yo, bouncy ball and stationery, AND a bumper puzzle pull-out mag AND a Doctor Who Monster Invasion special edition ultra rare card!

Doctor Forever
Death by Daleks
Crazy Animal Giggles
The Scorching Quiz
Who are you Kidding
Monster-Mind Benders Mini-Mag!
Dungeon of the Lost
Top Torch
Plus much more…

Issue 280 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 2nd August at all good newsagents until 8th August priced £2.50 per copy.

Doctor Who DVD Files - Issue 93

The cover and info on this fortnight's edition of Doctor Who DVD Files magazine:

Episode Guide: Kinda
Enemies: Yeti
Alien Worlds: Midnight
Allies: Mandy & Meta-crisis Doctor
Behind the Scenes: Christopher Eccleston
The Doctor: Second Coming
Technology: The Family of Blood

Issue 93 of Doctor Who DVD Files magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 7th August priced £6.99 per copy.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 450

The cover and info on this month's edition of Doctor Who magazine:

The new issue of DWM examines the growing pains of a television legend in a major feature on the development of Doctor Who at seven-year intervals, as it approaches 49 UP. It examines the moments that defined the show, including the adolescence that brought major format changes, the teenage years with Doctor Who in rude health, its incredibly successful return to television in 2005 - and asks what the next seven years may hold in store...


Scriptwriter Chris Chibnall drops hints about his two new scripts for the next series of Doctor Who - and how writing for the series is unlike writing anything else -  in Production Notes.

Long-serving Doctor Who casting director Andy Pryor talks exclusively to DWM about his hand in casting three different Doctors, the joy of working on every single episode of Doctor Who since 2005 - and who he has cast for the next series…

Doctor Who celebrated a landmark birthday, but the monsters were conspicuous by their absence. Was that necessarily a bad thing? Find out as Countdown to 50 revisits 1983 and Series Twenty!

Amy’s been hijacked by the best thief in town, while the Doctor and Rory have fallen in with the wrong crowd. But what is the secret of the Ziggurat hanging above Cornucopia? Find out in Part Two of The Cornucopia Caper, the latest comic strip adventure written by Scott Gray with art by Dan McDaid!

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter a lone Dalek deep within a Utah bunker - but Skaro’s finest very nearly didn’t make the party. Dalek, 2005’s triumphant return for the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, is given The Fact of Fiction treatment, with detailed commentary on all 11 drafts of writer Robert Shearman’s script - with exclusive new revelations from the writer himself!

If you don’t read the Production Subtitles on the Doctor Who DVDs, then now is the time to start! Subtitle writer (and TV Dalek) Nicholas Pegg reveals the arcane secrets of compiling a treasure trove of Doctor Who facts and figures in Infomania.

Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians and Macra - they’ve all returned to battle the Doctor since Doctor Who’s comeback in 2005. But what classic creatures are we desperate to see next? Toby Hadoke wants a return for those green giants the Ice Warriors, while Johnny Candon goes Underground to shout out for the Great Intelligence’s Yeti. Who will triumph in this monster Battle of Wits?

The Time Team - Chris, Emma, Michael and Will - have a devil of a time while watching The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit. But what will the Team make of this terrifying adventure for the Tenth Doctor and Rose…?

The votes are in! See which books, audios and DVDs are hits with the readers of DWM in the results of the latest merchandise poll, and discover how your favourites fared…

The Watcher takes another flick through the pages of the Stockbridge English Dictionary, stares down the Six Faces of Delusion, highlights another masterclass in the dramatic art from a Supporting Artist of the Month, and reaches number 20 in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects - the Doctor’s Impact Suit. It might not be as implausible as it seems… as Wotcha explains!

All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!

Issue 450 of Doctor Who magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 22nd August priced £4.99 per copy. In other news: the BBC have confirmed that a new feature-length trailer advertising the next series of Doctor Who is to be shown next Thursday (2nd August) at 8:00pm on BBC One.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mary Tamm - 1950-2012

It has been reported that Mary Tamm - the actress who portrayed the first incarnation of the companion Romana in 70s Doctor Who alongside Tom Baker - has passed away after battling with cancer, read on for further details:

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Doctor Who legend Mary Tamm who played the Time Lord Romana alongside the Fourth Doctor.

"She was a darling companion and wonderfully witty and kind," said Tom Baker, "I'm so sorry to hear of her death."

Mary died in hospital at the age of 62 following a hard -fought battle against cancer. Also appearing in titles including The Odessa File, The Likely Lads, Jonathan Creek, EastEnders and Brookside, Mary held the heart of the nation and will never be forgotten.

"She played stage parts of such range, parts that would take your breath away. She could play any role, and do so wonderfully," commented Barry Langford, Mary’s agent for 22 years.

Here we remember her in a gallery as all Doctor Who fans will remember her, as the first incarnation of Romana the Time Lord. On hearing the sad news Steven Moffat reminisced…

“I remember Mary Tamm's first appearance so vividly - the ice Queen on the Tardis. The Time Lady who thought the Doctor was HER companion. Perfectly brought to life by Mary, with such style and wit, you always thought she could have kicked the Doctor out of the time machine and got on with the adventure herself. A generation of little girls threw away the idea of being an assistant, and decided to fly the Tardis for themselves.”

Tamm later returned to the character in Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories and was cast for several future stories alongside Tom Baker. She leaves behind her husband, Marcus Ringrose, and a daughter. Contributions go out to her family and friends.

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 279

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

This issue of Doctor Who Adventures is so packed with action that it’s practically bouncing around!
We’ve got the Doctor’s best sporty moments, a huge Canton’s Code mega-quiz, an awesome Auton behind the scenes and an interview with the Anti-Bodies. 

Plus, there are more monster texts, some hilarious Who lookalikes and two brilliant comics! This issue comes with a cool pack of Doctor Who playing cards and a pack of Doctor Who monster Invasion trading cards.

Issue 279 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until 1st August priced £2.50 per copy.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 278

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Warning! Doctor Who Adventures may appear smaller than it is!
"First off, how cool is this mini magazine? I mean, it’s totally intentional. I was NOT playing around with the Teselecta’s miniaturisation ray and blasted the magazine by accident or anything!"

"You can keep it safely in your trainer bay. And then you can put badges and stickers on that. Awesome. Beyond awesome. More-some! Secondly, I’ve sort of managed to shrink myself, so please send for help. And for a teeny-tiny fez. Thanks a lot!"

Do not adjust your eyes! This issue of Doctor Who Adventures is our tiniest one yet! This teeny, tiny little issue fits perfectly into this week's gift - an awesome trainer bag. You can then kit your bag out with the ace stickers and badges. To celebrate all creatures small and scary, we take a look at the tiniest alien terrors out there and give you a chance to design your own!

If that wasn't enough, we've got two brand-new cool comics, brill puzzles and loads of fun and facts!

Read All About It!
Mini monsters
Creature Feature
Pocket Science
Bumble of Destruction 
Doctor Doctor
Ultimate Monster Collection
Plus much more…

Issue 278 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until 25th July priced £2.50 per copy.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Doctor Who Monster Invasion - Issue 33

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine:

IN ISSUE 33...
Top Ten Worst Holiday Destinations
Platform One - Gadgets and Gizmos
Madame Kovarian V River Song
The Beast Below
Where’s the Doctor - Zygon Mayhem!
Q is for Queen Spider

Issue 33 of Doctor Who Monster Invasion is on sale from 18th July at all good newsagents until 31st July priced £2.60 per copy.

New Doctor Who Character Building Sets

Character have released the details on three new Doctor Who Character Building sets:

Dematerialising Tardis
Tardis stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space and looks just like a wooden Police phone box from the 1950’s on the outside, but is of infinite proportions on the inside. This incredible time machine is piloted by the Doctor, a mysterious Time Lord and its able to transport him anywhere through time and space, disappearing in one place and reappearing somewhere new. Amy Pond waited fourteen years for her chance to travel with the Doctor, after meeting him when she was seven years old. Despite her small-town roots, Amy takes everything in her stride and quickly became the Doctor’s best friend.

Summoned back to Leadworth by Amy and Rory, the Doctor is introduced to Mels, their childhood best friend. When Mels suggests a trip to the Third Reich, the Tardis crashes, inadvertently saving the life of Adolf Hitler. For also in Berlin in 1938 is a mysterious Justice Department Teselecta ship, on a mission to punish the war criminals of the past 0 and they’ve just discovered they’ve bigger fish to fry than Hitler on this mission… after Mels is shot by Hitler, the truth of her identity is revealed as she starts to regenerate…this time into the woman we know as River Song. But will Melody recognise herself or will she continue on with her mission to kill the Doctor? And how much will the Doctor find out about his future in the meantime?

The Girl Who Waited
The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to visit Apalapucia, not realising that the planet has been struck by a plague deadly to Timelords. When he and Rory are separated from Amy and stuck in separate timestreams, the Doctor must stay in the safety of the Tardis - both he and Amy relying on Rory to save her. In a new timestream, Rory meets Old Amy, hardened by the time she’s been waiting to be rescued. When the Doctor finds a way to save Amy, at Old Amy’s expense, she refuses to help - until she remembers her love for Rory and the connection they shared.

All three sets are on sale from 15th August at all good toy stores priced £9.99 each.

Doctor Who: New Series Press Pack

BBC Media Centre have released new press pack on the new series of Doctor Who:

Doctor Who is set to take on one of his biggest monsters to date, as the BBC announces at Comic-Con that episode two of the new series will be called Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, with episode three confirmed as A Town Called Mercy.

Requiring one of the largest sets to date to house the prehistoric creatures, Dinosaurs on A Spaceship will follow the equally epic Asylum of the Daleks, which kicks-off the show’s highly anticipated return to BBC One in the autumn.

Starring Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy and Arthur Darvill as Rory, the episode will also co-star Mark Williams from the Fast Show as Rory’s dad, Brian, and Rupert Graves from Sherlock. Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Saul Metzstein.

The BBC also confirmed today that episode three, filmed on location in Spain, will be a western entitled A Town Called Mercy. Written by Toby Whithouse and again directed by Saul Metzstein, the episode co-stars Adrian Scarborough and Ben Browder.

Steven Moffat, Head Writer and Executive Producer, said: “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - what more do you need! The Doctor will come face to face with some of the most monstrous creatures evolution has ever produced, on some of the most monstrous sets we've ever built. We took one look at Chris Chibnall's brilliant script and said to ourselves 'We're going to need a bigger corridor'. 

"And Toby Whithouse's A Town Called Mercy takes us into a genre Doctor Who hasn't attempted since the Sixties - it's a full blooded western. We knew from the start we need some serious location shooting for this one, and given the most iconic American setting imaginable, there was only one place to go - Spain."

Both episodes were shot earlier this year, with Dinosaurs on a Spaceship filmed in Cardiff. The show returns with a run of five followed by the Christmas special and a further eight episodes in 2013.

Doctor Who returns later this year to BBC One and BBC One HD.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

DW: More Series 7 Titles Confirmed & More Premiere Details

Today at the San Diego Comic-Con, stars of Doctor Who Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Aurthur Darvill and Steven Moffat attended and showed the audience present two clips from two new episodes of the new series, unfortunatly the clips have not been released online but insiders can confirm the following episodes titles from the new series (highlight to reveal):

7.02: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
7.03: A Town Called Mercy
7.04: Cubed

Also, Doctor Who magazine tweeted "In just a few Saturdays from now, we’ll all be sitting down to watch Asylum of the Daleks - the start of a brand new series of Doctor Who!", confirming that the series will commence in either late August or early September. Doctor Who returns later this year to BBC One and BBC One HD.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 277

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Warning! The Tardis cloister bell is ringing - in this week's Doctor Who Adventures!
"You’ll never guess what happened to me this week. Or maybe you will? Either way, I’m going to tell you. The Tardis got a parking ticket! Poor old girl. I went to the Shadow Proclamation to get it sorted."

"They love doing paperwork and stamping Forms so I gave them my brilliant stampers. They had so much fun putting little Peg-Dolls, Ood and Silurians everywhere, that they let me off without a fine! Phew to that!"

When there is a threat to the universe, the Doctor or all of our favourite biscuits, prepare to hear the Tardis' cloister bell. That spooky DOING means big trouble. Get hold of this week's Doctor Who Adventures to find out what set the alarm bells ringing!

Plus, we get ready for the summer holidays by checking out the maddest alien holiday destinations in time and space. Mars is nice this time of year! Also, there are more brilliant monster texts, some bonkers monster makeovers, two exciting comics and a wicked companion guide, starring Wilf!

All this plus 14 free gifts! This issue comes with ten cool stampers, a pad, a make-your-own Weeping Angel and two packs of Doctor Who Monster Invasion cards.

Monster Champs
Web Wonder
Summer Holiday
Alarm bells
The Cliff Face 
First Day
Ultimate Dalek Collection
Plus more…

Issue 277 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 18th July priced £2.99 per copy.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

The Ward Company have revealed the details for universal remote control replica of the Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver:

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control - Fully functioning programmable infrared remote control.

The new Sonic Screwdriver is a gesture-based universal remote control that uses infrared (IR) to control entertainment systems including TVs, iPod docks and DVD/Blu-ray players. With advanced gesture recognition technology, up to thirty-nine remote control codes can be stored in the Sonic Screwdriver.

  • Guided Setup: Teaches you how to use it with spoken prompts
  • FX Mode: 13 authentic special FX sounds from the universe of Doctor Who 
  • Bright illuminating tip: lights up in use and pulses when in standby
  • Advanced gesture recognition technology: 13 gestures multiplied by 3 memory banks means up to 39 remote control codes can be stored
  • Special features: Personal Lock Code, discover its secret communications
  • Hand polished
  • Copper Plated
  • Diecast metal construction
  • Soft touch grip

Pack includes high quality presentation display case with clear cover, and double sided illustrated instruction manual!

The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control is on sale from 31st August priced £59.99 per purchase.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Doctor Who Toys

Character have revealed three new Doctor Who toys due for release next month:

Electronic Sound FX Daleks
The Daleks were created by the Kaled scientist, Davros as travel machines. He had deduced that the years of radiation and chemical poisoning from an ongoing war would lead his race to mutate into immobile organisms. The Dalek travel machines would house these creatures and allow the Kaleds to survive. However, in the course of his experiments, Davros deliberately removed what he considered to be debilitating emotions from the mutants and a force of evil was spawned! 

The Daleks were born without any ability to feel compassion or pity and were motivated only by hate, fear and an implacable belief that they were the superior creatures in the Universe. Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with these highly detailed 5″ poseable Dalek action figures. 

Featuring the following six Daleks, modelled accurately on some of the famous Daleks from past episodes including Daleks from:

Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964)
Power of the Daleks (1966)
Planet of the Daleks (1973)
Death to the Daleks (1974)
Revelation of the Daleks (1985)
Dalek (2005)

Each Dalek includes sound FX and speech by era! Collect them all! Requires 3 x 1.5V Batteries included. For ages 5 years and over.

The figures are on sale from 22nd August from all good toy stores priced £14.99 per copy.

Trans-Temporal Sonic Screwdriver
With the Tardis trapped on Earth in a Trans-temporal schism, the Doctor find himself at the center of four time zones. As with each previous time the Tardis generates a new sonic screwdriver for the Doctor but this time it is created in the style of each time zone, Elizabethan, Victorian, Present Day and Future London. 

With additional features including a ‘wood’ setting, the Doctor must try and free the Tardis before time runs out. Replica sonic screwdriver with 8 new sound effects. Also compatible with your Personalise Your Own Sonic Screwdriver Set so you can mix and match the pieces in different ways to create your own version. Requires 3 x 1.5V L1154 Batteries included. For ages 5 years and over. 

The toy is on sale from all good toy stores from 22nd August priced £14.99 per purchase.

Electronic Q.L.A Anti-Time Device
 After the Doctor disappeared, the Cybermen and Daleks went to war across the universe. And on each world they destroyed they left in their wake, Stone Angels, picking over the dead and dying. But the Cleric army fought back and scoured the dead worlds left after the wars, looking for the wreckage of Daleks, Cybermen, and broken Angels to create a hugely powerful ‘anti-time’ device. 

A device part Dalek, part Cyber technology and used the Quantum signature from the Angel to trigger a Gateway to pull enemies into the time Vortex…. Erasing them from Time completely. This Dalek & Cyberman Hybrid Technology Unit includes four play modes: Dalek, Cyberman, Angel & multi technology. Includes speech, sounds and light FX. Send your enemies into the Time Vortex! Requires 2 x AAA batteries.

The toy is on sale from all good toy stores from 22nd August priced £19.99 per purchase.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DW: Victory of the Daleks Figure Set - Comic-Con Exclusive

Underground Toys and Character have released info on their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Doctor Who toy for 2012:

Victory of the Daleks Figure Set
The Doctor has been summoned by his old friend Winston Churchill but in the Cabinet War Rooms, far below the streets of blitz-torn London, he finds his oldest enemy waiting for him… The Daleks are back! And can Churchill really be in league with them?

The Ironsides were designed to be the perfect warrior, after the concept was dreamt up by Professor Bracewell, seemingly from nowhere. In actual fact, these new weapons which Winston Churchill wanted to use to win the war were in fact Daleks, who had fallen back through time and needed the Doctor to be able to create the new Dalek race. Professor Bracewell was in fact an android built by the Daleks, part of a complex trap to lure the Doctor back to where they were hiding, so he would unwittingly allow the Dalek race to be reborn thanks to his testimony. The new Daleks appeared, and exterminated the Ironsides.

1x Winston Churchill action figure
1x Ironside Dalek action figure with Tea Tray Arm
3x telephone accessories
3x swappable Winston Churchill heads
2x swappable Winston Churchill right hands

The set is available Paris Comic-Con booth DB10 from 5th to 8th July and at the San Diego Comic-Con booth 3751 from 11th to 15th July.

Dame Diana Rigg & Racheal Stirling to Star in New Series!

The BBC have confirmed two new actresses are to appear in the next series of Doctor Who:

Mother and daughter Dame Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling are set to star side by side in the BBC Wales drama Doctor Who, the first time the pair have ever worked together on screen.

Character details remain under wraps, but the episode penned by Mark Gatiss will see Dame Diana and Rachael recreate their off-screen relationship on-screen, as they play a mother and daughter with a dark secret.

Starring alongside the Doctor, Matt Smith and new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman, the episode will air on BBC One in 2013 and is directed by Saul Metzstein. Filming begins this week (2nd July) at Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff. 

Dame Diana Rigg, who will play a Yorkshire local, said: “The first time Rachie and I will be working together is on an episode of Doctor Who specially written for us by Mark Gatiss. How lucky is that?”

Rachael Stirling, on working on Doctor Who, said: “What joy. I am looking forward to the madness of Doctor Who enormously. Mark Gatiss has written a gift of a script and an on-screen relationship between Ma and I that is truly delicious. We have never before worked together because the offers have not been tempting, but when such a funny and original script comes through you know the time has come.”

Steven Moffat, executive producer and head writer on Doctor Who, said: “Dame Diana Rigg, Rachael Stirling and a Mark Gatiss script - a combination of talents you could only get in Doctor Who! Frankly, I'm terrified already!"

Doctor Who returns later this year to BBC One and BBC One HD. In other news: pictures from recent filming suggest that the Doctor Who character Jenny from A Good Man Goes to War will appear in the new series while the title of episode 11 is rumored to be (highlight to reveal spoiler) Phantoms of the Hex.