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Friday, 29 June 2012

Doctor Who: The Dalek Project & A History of the Universe in 100 Objects - Covers & Info

BBC Books have released the covers and synopsis of a new Doctor Who book and graphic novel:

THE DALEK PROJECT - by Justin Richards
A stunning new graphic novel, featuring the Doctor as played by Matt Smith in an exciting adventure with the Daleks.

1917. It’s the height of the Great War and Hellcombe Hall is a house full of mystery: locked doors, forbidden rooms, dustsheets covering guilty secrets, and ghostly noises frightening the servants. Most mysterious of all, the drawing room seems to open directly onto a muddy, corpse-filled trench on the Western Front…

Arriving at this stately home, the Doctor meets Lord Hellcombe, an armaments manufacturer who has a new secret weapon he believes will win the war: he calls it ‘the Dalek’. Soon, the Doctor and his new friends are in a race against time to prevent the entire Western Front from becoming part of the Dalek Project!

Doctor Who: The Dalek Project is on sale from 14th September at all good book and comic stores priced £14.99 per copy.
A HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE IN 100 OBJECTS - by James Goss & Steve Tribes
Every object tells a story. From ancient urns and medieval flasks to sonic screwdrivers and glass Daleks, these 100 objects tell the story of the entire universe, and the most important man in it: the Doctor. 

Each item has a unique tale of its own, whether it’s a fob watch at the onset of the Great War or a carrot growing on the first human colony on Mars. Taken together, they tell of empires rising and falling, wars won and lost, and planets destroyed and reborn.

Within these pages lie hidden histories of Time Lords and Daleks, the legend of the Loch Ness Monster, the plot to steal the Mona Lisa and the story of Shakespeare’s lost play. You’ll find illustrated guides to invisible creatures, the secret origins of the internet, and how to speak Mechonoid.

A History of the Universe in 100 Objects is an indispensable guide to the most important items that have ever existed, or that are yet to exist.

Doctor Who: A History of the Universe in 100 Objects is on sale from 27th September at all good book stores priced £20.00 per copy.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 449

The cover and info on this month's edition of Doctor Who magazine:

Discover how the BBC's longest-running drama series has evolved in DWM issue 449.

The new issue of DWM examines the growing pains of a television legend in a major feature on the development of Doctor Who at seven-year intervals, as it approaches 49 Up. It examines the moments that defined the show, including the adolescence that brought major format changes, the teenage years with Doctor Who in rude health, its incredibly successful return to television in 2005 - and asks what the next seven years may hold in store...


Scriptwriter Chris Chibnall drops hints about his two new scripts for the next series of Doctor Who - and how writing for the series is unlike writing anything else - in Production Notes.

Long-serving Doctor Who casting director Andy Pryor talks exclusively to DWM about his hand in casting three different Doctors, the joy of working on every single episode of Doctor Who since 2005 - and who he has cast for the next series…

Doctor Who celebrated a landmark birthday, but the monsters were conspicuous by their absence. Was that necessarily a bad thing? Find out as Countdown to 50 revisits 1983 and Series Twenty!

Amy’s been hijacked by the best thief in town, while the Doctor and Rory have fallen in with the wrong crowd. But what is the secret of the Ziggurat hanging above Cornucopia? Find out in Part Two of The Cornucopia Caper, the latest comic strip adventure written by Scott Gray with art by Dan McDaid!

The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler encounter a lone Dalek deep within a Utah bunker - but Skaro’s finest very nearly didn’t make the party. Dalek, 2005’s triumphant return for the Doctor’s deadliest enemies, is given The Fact of Fiction treatment, with detailed commentary on all 11 drafts of writer Robert Shearman’s script - with exclusive new revelations from the writer himself!

If you don’t read the production subtitles on the Doctor Who DVDs, then now is the time to start! Subtitle writer (and TV Dalek) Nicholas Pegg reveals the arcane secrets of compiling a treasure trove of Doctor Who facts and figures in Infomania.

Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians and Macra - they’ve all returned to battle the Doctor since Doctor Who’s comeback in 2005. But what classic creatures are we desperate to see next? Toby Hadoke wants a return for those green giants the Ice Warriors, while Johnny Cando goes Underground to shout out for the Great Intelligence’s Yeti. Who will triumph in this monster Battle of Wits?

The Time Team - Chris, Emma, Michael and Will - have a devil of a time while watching The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit. But what will the Team make of this terrifying adventure for the Tenth Doctor and Rose…?

The votes are in! See which books, audios and DVDs are hits with the readers of DWM in the results of the latest merchandise poll, and discover how your favourites fared…

The Watcher takes another flick through the pages of the Stockbridge English Dictionary, stares down the Six Faces of Delusion, highlights another masterclass in the dramatic art from a Supporting Artist of the Month, and reaches number 20 in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects - the Doctor’s impact suit. It might not be as implausible as it seems… as Woctcha explains!

All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!

Issue 449 of Doctor Who magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until  1st July priced £4.50 per copy.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

DW Character Building: Silent Spaceship & Dalek Saucer

Character have revealed two new playsets to their Doctor Who Character Building range:

SILENT SPACESHIP - on sale 29th July priced £19.99
Whispers heard through a wall... the creaking in the house... the breathing under your bed... beware the Silence!

Materializing their creepy and very advanced time machines in the most secret of places, they infiltrate worlds without anyone ever knowing it - standing in the shadows or hanging clustered from the ceiling like sleeping bats. If you ever see one, don't look away - they'll edit themselves out of your memory so that you never remember them! All they want is to control your planet for their own villainous ends. Silence will fall!

Highly detailed and functional construction playset of the Silent Time Machine as seen in Doctor Who: The Impossible Astronaut. Includes control room with control panels, control interface chair with connector cables & two Silent micro-figures.

DALEK SAUCER - on sale 10th July priced £29.99
The Daleks - the most feared creatures in existence!

Conquerors of countless worlds, annihilators of alien civilizations, they are the supreme beings in the universe! Their saucer-shaped ships are fast, powerful and heavily armed. Fleets of these attack craft are near-unstoppable! Whether invading the Earth or battling Spitfires in space, Dalek spaceships strike fear into the heart of anyone who sees them coming. With these saucers in their arsenal, the Daleks are the scourge of the galaxy! Exterminate! Exterminate! EXTERMINATE!

Highly detailed and functional Dalek construction playset with moveable parts featuring interior and exterior, detachable skimmer car, laser cannons and transparent dome. Includes two Time War Dalek micro-figures.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 275

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Watch out! The Weeping Angels are here!
"I’m in America! It’s summer 1776 and I’ve just lent a nice man called Thomas Jefferson my pen. Tom and his mates are all celebrating something, and we’re about to have a big party with fireworks and cake. I think it must be someone’s birthday. I wonder if it’s Tom’s? Hang on, I’ll ask…"

"No, it’s America’s birthday. She’ll be 236 on 4th July. That’s a lot of candles! We’ll need an enormous cake! Yum."

Have we got an action-packed issue waiting for you?! Yes, yes we have. And it's packed with Weeping Angels, two amazing comics, puzzles so tricky you may turn into a blubbery baby Adipose and posters that you will want to put up on your bedroom wall almost instantly.

Get the latest Who news in Geronimo, find out how the Eleventh Doctor is similar to all ten of his previous incarnations and give our 'Very Cross Word' a go.

We've also got Cyber Fast Facts, more hilarious Monster Texts and a quiz to see which monster should be your mate.

This week's issue comes with a free time travellers wallet to keep your money safe

Dalek Warning
Eleven to One
Very Cross Word
So Scary
The Sky is Falling
Comic Creation
Plus much more…

Issue 275 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 28th June at all good newsagents until 4th July priced £2.60 per copy.

Monday, 25 June 2012

DW: Series 7 Episode 1 Title Confirmed & Screening Details

The title of the first episode of the next series of Doctor Who has been confirmed as (highlight gap to reveal spoiler):

Asylum of the Daleks

BFI is to show a special screening of the episode at BFI Southbank in London on Tuesday 14th August at 6:00pm, tickets go on sale from 10th July and can be purchased here when available. 

On the episode itself, executive producer Caro Skinner commented, "This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again..."

This screening plus the screening of the episode at 2012 Edinburgh International Television Festival is making it increasingly likely that the episode will air in late August, possibly Saturday 25th August. Doctor Who returns later this year to BBC One and BBC One HD.

DW: Castrovalva Figure Set - Forbidden Planet Exclusive

Character have released information on a new classic figure set - exclusive to Forbidden Planet:

Castrovalva Figure Set
The newly regenerated Fifth Doctor escapes with his companions back to the Tardis. Suffering from post-regeneration trauma, he only narrowly manages to save the ship from destruction as it plunges back to Event One, the hydrogen in-rush that preceded the creation of the universe.

He then seeks sanctuary in the peaceful domain of Castrovalva, only to discover that it is an illusory, dimensionally paradoxical trap set for him by the Master with the unwilling aid of a kidnapped Adric. The Doctor eventually wins the day by enlisting the help of the Castrovalvan people who, although also part of the Master's creation, are nevertheless able to exercise free will.

Whilst on the planet Traken the Fourth Doctor discovers that the Master, his long time nemesis, is trying to take control of a complex Traken bio-electronic power known as ‘The Source’. The Source would allow the Master unparalleled power, and the ability to regenerate his dying body. 

When the Master’s Tardis is destroyed by the power feedback of the Source it is revealed he has another and thus he escapes to encounter the Doctor again. Their next encounter finds the Master’s Tardis, with its fully functional Chameleon Circuit, disguised first as a Police Box and latterly on the planet Logopolis, as a sandstone Doric column. The Master’s Tardis stayed in this favoured form during several encounters with the Fifth Doctor, before changing once again.

1x Post-regeneration Fifth Doctor figure
1x Shrunken Figure accessory
1x Master’s Tardis as a Stone Column

This figure set is on sale exclusively at Forbidden Planet Stores from 20th August priced £19.99 per copy.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 274

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Ood alert in this week's Doctor Who Adventures!
"I’ve spent this week chatting to an underwater town of octopuses. Well I say ‘chatting’. I guess it was really ‘escaping from’. Octopuses are fascinating and clever. They have three hearts, blue blood and can regrow lost tentacles - sort of like regeneration. I thought they might be related to Time Lords. They’re not. At least, the ones on the sea planet of Flamph say they’re not. But they did think I looked tasty. Yikes!"

Our amazing new issue comes with a free Dalek pencil set and a ferocious lion. Okay, it doesn't really come with a lion. We don't have enough tape to stick one on the cover.

But inside there's our definitive guide to the kooky Ood, we learn about the Doctor's coolest outfits ever (with a chance for you to design your own!) and go behind-the-scenes on new Doctor Who mini-episode Good as Gold!

What's more, there's a really tricky Dalek puzzle, the Peg-Dolls are judged by a Scarecrow, we find out all there is to know about the Doctor's psychic paper and spy on Davros's monster texts (they are a bit silly).

There's posters, prizes, puzzles and two very daft comic strips, plus the Doctor himself answers your most-bonkers-yet questions.

All this and no lion, absolutely free!

IN ISSUE 274...
Under Wraps
The Good Ood Guide
Find the Tardis
Doctor Wear
Creature Geature
Le Tour De Death
Monster texts
Plus much more…

Issue 274 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until 27th June priced £2.60 per copy.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Doctor Who Monster Invasion - Issue 30

The cover and info on this fortnight's edition of Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine:

IN ISSUE 30...
Top 10 Cool Spaceships
Liz 10′s Undercover Kit
Idris V Siren
Where’s the Doctor? - Toy Shop Terror
O is for Ood
Plus much more

Issue 30 of Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until 26th June priced £2.60 per copy.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 273

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

"How are you? Super-well! That’s brilliant because There’s no time for sniffles or alien bogies - we’ve got adventures to plan! Right bring your invisible ink pen and your pad and your badge and your stickers - we have to spy on a city of aliens that look a lot like angry mushrooms."

"I Forgot to say, we’ll have to dress up like mushrooms, perhaps for a few months. I told you that I was a fun guy. Fungi. Geddit? Oh, sorry."

This weeks issue comes with a free secret message kit with River’s diary notebook, cool badge, invisible ink revealer, invisible pen and super stickers!

IN ISSUE 273...
Bye-Bye Ponds
All Seeing Doctor
The Tardis Fast Facts
Clone Wars
I Scream
Coming soon
Plus much more…

Issue 273 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 14th June at all good newsagents until 20th June priced £2.60 per copy. In other news: It is rumoured that the classic Doctor Who monsters (highlight to reveal spoiler) The Ice Warriors will return in the first of the 2013 episodes from the next series!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 272

The cover and info on this week's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

"Have you ever been to a galaxy That is made out of blackcurrants? No, nor have I - but that’s exactly where I plan on going later. I’m taking the Ponds on a surprise outing. The Fact we’re going somewhere for a tasty picnic will be a nice surprise."

"The fact it’s a galaxy made out of blackcurrants will be an even nicer surprise! The fact that they’ll get a bright purple suntan is quite a distressing surprise - but they’ll get used to it after the first couple of years. We’ll take our expandable Dalek disc. Yay!"

This weeks issue comes with an expandable Dalek Disc.

IN ISSUE 272...
Doctor Denied
Space Traffic
Invent your Own Spaceship
The Madman in a Hat
Creature Feature
Doctor Who Secrets
Ghosy Train
More Sonics
Plus much more…

Issue 272 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from today at all good newsagents until 13th June priced £2.20 per copy.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons - CD Cover & Info

BBC Audio have released the cover and synopsis for the audio CD format of a new upcoming Doctor Who book:

DARK HORIZONS - written by J.T Colgan, read by Neve McIntosh
On a windswept Northern shore, at the very tip of what will one day become Scotland, the islanders believe the worst they have to fear is a Viking attack.

The Doctor is just looking for a game on the famous Lewis chess set. Instead he encounters a people under attack from a power they cannot possibly understand. The islanders must take on a ruthless alien force in a world without technology; without communications; without tea that isn't made out of bark. Still, at least they have the Doctor on their side... Don't they?

Doctor Who: Dark Horizons is on sale as a CD from 5th July at all good CD stores priced £13.25 per copy.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Doctor Who Monster Invasion - Issue 29

The cover and info on this fortnight's edition of Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine:

IN ISSUE 29...
Top 10 Time Lords and ladies
Immortality gate
Vespiforms V Tritovores
Aliens of London
Where’s the Doctor? - Churchill’s War Room
O is for Ogrons
Plus much more...

Issue 29 of Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 12th June priced £2.60 per copy.