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Monday, 25 June 2012

DW: Castrovalva Figure Set - Forbidden Planet Exclusive

Character have released information on a new classic figure set - exclusive to Forbidden Planet:

Castrovalva Figure Set
The newly regenerated Fifth Doctor escapes with his companions back to the Tardis. Suffering from post-regeneration trauma, he only narrowly manages to save the ship from destruction as it plunges back to Event One, the hydrogen in-rush that preceded the creation of the universe.

He then seeks sanctuary in the peaceful domain of Castrovalva, only to discover that it is an illusory, dimensionally paradoxical trap set for him by the Master with the unwilling aid of a kidnapped Adric. The Doctor eventually wins the day by enlisting the help of the Castrovalvan people who, although also part of the Master's creation, are nevertheless able to exercise free will.

Whilst on the planet Traken the Fourth Doctor discovers that the Master, his long time nemesis, is trying to take control of a complex Traken bio-electronic power known as ‘The Source’. The Source would allow the Master unparalleled power, and the ability to regenerate his dying body. 

When the Master’s Tardis is destroyed by the power feedback of the Source it is revealed he has another and thus he escapes to encounter the Doctor again. Their next encounter finds the Master’s Tardis, with its fully functional Chameleon Circuit, disguised first as a Police Box and latterly on the planet Logopolis, as a sandstone Doric column. The Master’s Tardis stayed in this favoured form during several encounters with the Fifth Doctor, before changing once again.

1x Post-regeneration Fifth Doctor figure
1x Shrunken Figure accessory
1x Master’s Tardis as a Stone Column

This figure set is on sale exclusively at Forbidden Planet Stores from 20th August priced £19.99 per copy.