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Saturday, 6 December 2008

1.09/10: The Lost Boy

This is: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 1 - Episodes 9 & 10
Title: The Lost Boy
Mon/Vil: Mr Smith/ Xylog & Slitheen Family/ Raxacoricofallapatorians
Synopsis - Part 1: Sarah Jane and the gang face some old alien enemies again, along with an altogether unexpected foe, in the final two-part adventure of the series.A news report on a couple looking for their missing son, Ashley, brings a surprise for Sarah Jane when she discovers that the missing boy looks exactly like Luke. And when Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's super-computer, confirms that Luke is a genetic match with Ashley, Sarah Jane sends him back to live with his "parents". But, with no knowledge of his former life, Luke finds it hard to fit in and, when he tries to escape, he makes a startling discovery about who his parents really are. Sarah Jane, meanwhile, makes some investigations into the Pharos Para-Science Institute – a research unit that has been conducting experiments using alien technology.

Synopsis - Part 2: Maria and her dad, Alan, dig deeper into the mystery of Luke's new parents and discover that Luke has actually been kidnapped by the Slitheen, in the final episode of the popular children's adventure series.There are more shocks in store when Sarah Jane and Maria find out that Mr Smith, Sarah Jane's super computer, is one of the bad guys. With Clyde nowhere to be seen, Luke in the clutches of aliens and no Mr Smith to help, things aren't looking good for Sarah Jane and Maria. But just what do the Slitheen want with Luke and who, or what, exactly, is the Xylok?
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Charles Martin
Producer: Matthew Bouch
First Broadcast: 12th November 2007 (Part 1) & 19th November 2007 (Part 2)
Ratings: 1.3 Million (Part 1) & 1.2 Million (Part 2)
Duration: 27.57 (Part 1) & 27.56 (Part 2)
Cast: Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
Maria Jackson - Yasmin Paige
Luke Smith - Tommy Knight
Clyde Langer - Daniel Anthony
Alan Jackson - Joseph Millson
Chrissie Jackson - Juliet Cowan
Jay Stafford - Jay Simpson
Heidi Stafford - Holly Atkins
Nathan Goss - Ryan Watson
Professor Rivers - Floella Benjamin
Jay Slitheen - Paul Kasey
Nathan Slitheen - Jimmy Vee
Heidi Slitheen - Rauri Mears
Newsreader - Jason Mohammad
Mr Smith Voice - Alexander Armstrong
K.9 Voice - John Leeson