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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Doctor Who Episode Guide: Series Four - 2008-10

Donna Noble reunites with the Doctor for a series of new adventures! In Series Four of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who, the Doctor and Donna travel back to Pompeii 79 AD, team up with Agatha Christine to investigate a murder and discover how dangerous the shadows can be in the universe's greatest library. However, a greater danger is lurking in the Medusa Cascade - one that could mean the end of the universe and reality itself. Meanwhile, the Doctor is warned of a deadly prophecy, heralding the approach of an old adversary and end of his life.

4.01: Partners in Crime
4.04: The Sontaran Stratagem - Part 1
4.05: The Poison Sky - Part 2
4.08: Silence in the Library - Part 1
4.09: Forest of the Dead - Part 2
4.10: Midnight
4.11: Turn Left
4.12: The Stolen Earth - Part 1
4.13: Journey's End - Part 2

4.S5: Dreamland