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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2.11/12: Enemy of the Bane

This is: The Sarah Jane Adventures: Series 2 - Episodes 11 & 12
Title: Enemy of the Bane
Mon/Vil: Mrs Wormwood, Sontaran Commander Kaagh & Bane
Synopsis - Part 1: Gita vanishes and Sarah Jane encounters an unwelcome face from the past - Mrs Wormwood - as the children's drama series, produced by Russell T Davies, continues. Now hunted by the Bane, Mrs Wormwood needs Sarah Jane's help to foil their plan to take over the galaxy with an ancient alien power. And Sarah Jane also needs help - from the Brigadier.
Synopsis - Part 2: Mrs Wormwood and Kaagh reveal their true colours, in the concluding episode of this two-part adventure.Sarah Jane and the gang, meanwhile, find themselves in a race against time when Luke is kidnapped and they discover they have a hidden enemy amongst them. Only the Brigadier can save the day, before a final showdown at an ancient stone circle ensues.
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Graeme Harper
Producer: Nikki Smith
First Broadcast: 1st December 2008 (Part 1) & 8th December 2008 (Part 2)
Ratings: 0.9 Million (Part 1) & 0.7 Million (Part 2)
Duration: 28.05 (Part 1) & 28.04 (Part 2)
Cast: Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
Luke Smith - Tommy Knight
Clyde Langer - Daniel Anthony
Rani Chandra - Anjli Mohindra
Mrs Wormwood - Samantha Bond
Sontaran Commander Kaagh - Anthony O'Donnell
Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - Nicholas Courtney
Gita Chandra - Mina Anwar
Haresh Chandra - Ace Bhatti
Major Cal Kilburne - Simon Chadwick
Mr Smith Voice - Alexandra Armstrong