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Monday, 1 December 2008

Doctor Who: Future Sonic Screwdriver Toy

Character Options have released info on a new Doctor Who toy:

Future Sonic Screwdriver
As seen in series 4 of Doctor Who this future Sonic Screwdriver was used by the 51st century archaeologist Professor River Song - a woman from the Doctor's future! The Future Sonic Screwdriver includes light and sound effects and has an interchangeable red or blue tip.

The BBC Press Office has also released details of further upcoming Doctor Who products which will be showcased at the Toy Fair 2009 event in London:

"Still very much at the top of everyone's wishlist and showing no signs of slowing down in 2009 is Doctor Who, returning with some fantastic new lines from Character Options including "collect and build" figures, Time Squad collectible figures, further classic figures and the Doctor's Book of Impossible Things. Doctor Who games are a well covered category with the recent launch of a brand new DVD game from Screenlife, joining Winning Moves' Top Trumps and Flair's Uno and Etch a Sketch games. BBC Worldwide will also be presenting their new 'monsters' style guide - a creative focussing on perennially popular 'monster' characters from the show which will offer more opportunity for exciting product development for key licensees across 2009."

The Future Sonic Screwdriver toy is on sale from mid January 2009 priced £14.99.


Anonymous said...

This looks amazing I want to get this!

The Medusa Cascade

Simply me. said...

Awesome! I definitely want to get one.