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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

4.S4: The Waters of Mars

This is: Doctor Who: 2009 Autumn Special/ Series 4 - Episode 16
Title: The Waters of Mars
Mon/Vil: The Flood/ Infected Maggie Cain, Infected Andy Stone & Infected Tarak Ital & Ood Sigma
Synopsis: Mars, 2059. Bowie Base One. Last recorded message: "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop." The Doctor lands on the red planet, at a base in peril, in this one-off special of Russell T Davies' Doctor Who. A creeping infection beneath the Martian surface threatens not only the human race, but also the Doctor's most fundamental beliefs. Together with Adelaide Brooke - the base's commander - the Doctor must battle not only a seemingly unstoppable entity, but time itself, as the prophecy about his future begins to resonate. Is his song about to come to an end?
Writers: Russell T Davies & Phil Ford
Director: Graeme Harper
Producer: Nikki Wilson
First Broadcast: 15th November 2009
Ratings: 10.32 Million
Duration: 62.14
Cast: Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
Adelaide Brooke - Lindsay Duncan
Ed Gold - Peter O'Brien
Yuri Kerenski - Aleksandar Mikic
Mia Bennett - Gemma Chan
Maggie Cain - Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Tarak Ital - Chook Sibtain
Andy Stone - Alan Ruscoe
Steffi Ehrlich - Cosima Shaw
Roman Groom - Michael Goldsmith
Emily - Lily Bevan
Mikhail - Max Bollinger
Adelaide's Father - Charlie De'Ath
Young Adelaide - Rachel Fewell
Lisette Ehrlich - Zofia Strahnz
Ulrika Ehrlich - Anouska Strahnz

Ood Sigma - Paul Kasey