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Saturday, 13 December 2008

2.09: Something Borrowed

This is: Torchwood: Series 2 - Episode 9
Title: Something Borrowed
Mon/Vil: Nostrovite
Synopsis: The night before her wedding, Gwen is juggling work with her hen night, when an alien shapeshifter leaves her carrying more than she bargained for. As everyone gathers for the ceremony, Jack must destroy her big day, unless one of the three mothers present finds a means to stop him.
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Ashley Way

Producer: Richard Stokes
First Broadcast: 5th March 2008
Ratings: 2.76 Million
Duration: 46.14
Cast: Captain Jack Harkness - John Barrowman
Gwen Cooper - Eve Myles
Owen Harper - Burn Gorman
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori
Ianto Jones - Gareth David-Lloyd
Rhys Williams - Kai Owen
Brenda Williams - Nerys Hughes
Mary Cooper - Sharon Morgan
Geraint Cooper - William Thomas
Barry Williams - Robin Griffith
Carrie - Collette Brown
Megan - Danielle Henry
Trina - Ceri Ann Gregory
Banana Boat - Jonathan Lewis Owen
Mervyn - Morgan Hopkins
Registrar - Valerie Murray
Shop Assistant - Pethrow Gooden