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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

4.S1: Music of the Spheres

This is: Doctor Who: BBC Proms - Doctor Who at the Proms Special
Title: Music of the Spheres
Mon/Vil: Graske
Synopsis: When the Doctor was composing his own music symphony, he didn’t expect there to be a teleport breach with a Graske and a whole in space leading to the Royal Albert Hall! But after the Orchestra played the Doctor's symphony, he found the Graske wandering about in the Albert Hall, causing mayhem, so he brought him back on the TARDIS and teleported him to the other side of the galaxy. Just before the Doctor closed off the space portal, he left a message with the audience of the Hall, saying that everyone is a musician and has got a song inside them...
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Euros Lyn
Producer: Catrin Lewis Defis
First Broadcast: 27th July 2008
Ratings: None
Duration: 07.13
Cast: Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
Graske - Jimmy Vee
Graske Voice - Philip Hurd-Wood