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Monday, 24 November 2008

3.S3: Voyage of the Damned

This is: Doctor Who: 2007 Christmas Special
Title: Voyage of the Damned
Mon/Vil: Max Capricorn, Heavenly Host & Captain Hardaker
Synopsis: A spacecraft set on an apocalyptic collision course with Earth, a host of killer robot angels and an evil severed-headed mastermind - it's just another Christmas for the Doctor. The Doctor is astounded when his ship is struck by the Titanic - a space-going reproduction of the luxury ocean liner. Venturing on board, he meets several of the alien tourists, but when the ship is devastated by a meteor shower, the Doctor and his new friends, find themselves stranded in the wrecked, timebomb of a craft set on collision course with Earth...
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: James Strong
Producer: Phil Collinson
First Broadcast: 25th December 2007
Ratings: 13.3 Million
Duration: 71.52
Cast: Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
Astrid Peth - Kylie Minogue
Captain Hardaker - Geoffrey Palmer
Midshipman Frame - Russell Tovey
Max Capricorn - George Costigan
Rickston Slade - Gray O'Brien
Chief Steward - Andrew Havill
Engineer - Bruce Lawrence
Foon Van Hoff - Debbie Chazen
Morvin Van Hoff - Clive Rowe
Mr Copper - Clive Swift
Bannakaffalatta - Jimmy Vee
Wilfred Mott - Bernard Cribbins
Nicholas Witchell - Himself
Heavenly Host - Paul Kasey
Kitchen Hand - Stefan Davis
Newsreader - Jason Mohammad
Alien Voices - Colin McFarlane & Ewan Bailey
Queen Voice - Jessica Martin