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Friday, 1 August 2014

Series Eight - 2014

Series Eight - 2014
Peter Capaldi • Jenna Coleman

"Am I a good man?" is the question posed by the new Twelfth Doctor - as played by Peter Capaldi - in the eighth series of Doctor Who. Journeying on with impossible girl Clara Oswald, they discover a dinosaur in the Thames in Victorian London, encounter Robin Hood in folklore Nottingham, break into the most secure bank in the universe, and battle monsters that can hide in the walls. But little do the pair know of a mysterious woman named Missy, who welcomes the recently deceased into heaven and keeps a close eye on the Doctor and Clara. But who is she? And can the afterlife really exist?

8.01: Deep Breath
8.02: Into the Dalek
8.03: Robot of Sherwood
8.04: Listen
8.05: Time Heist
8.06: The Caretaker
8.07: Kill the Moon
8.08: Mummy on the Orient Express
8.09: Flatline
8.10: In the Forest of the Night
8.11: Dark Water - Part 1
8.12: Death in Heaven - Part 2

8.S01: Last Christmas