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Friday, 14 November 2008

1.08: Father's Day

This is: Doctor Who: Series 1 - Episode 8
Title: Father's Day
Mon/Vil: Reapers
Synopsis: The Doctor takes Rose back in time to meet her long gone father, but the Tyler family find themselves batling the Reapers after Rose changed history by saving her dad from death...
Writer: Paul Cornell
Director: Joe Ahearne
Producer: Phil Collinson
First Broadcast: 14th May 2005
Ratings: 8.1 Million
Duration: 42.43
Cast: Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler - Billie Piper
Jackie Tyler - Camille Coduri
Pete Tyler - Shaun Dingwall
Registrar - Robert Barton
Young Rose Tyler - Julia Joyce
Stuart Hoskins - Christopher Llewellyn
Sonny Hoskins - Frank Rozelaar-Green
Sarah Clark - Natalie Jones
Bev - Eirlys Bellin
Suzie - Rhian James
Young Mickey Smith - Casey Dyer
Matt - Crispin Layfield