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Friday, 14 November 2008

1.07: The Long Game

This is: Doctor Who: Series 1 - Episode 7
Title: The Long Game
Mon/Vil: Mighty Jagraffess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe & the Editor
Synopsis: Adam Mitchell discovers that life as a Time Lord’s companion isn’t as easy as it looks, as Russell T Davies’s adventure through time and space continues. Adam catches a glimpse of the wonders of travelling in the Tardis, as they head to a future, where Satellite 5 broadcasts to the entire Earth Empire. But anyone promoted to Floor 500 is never seen again, and the Doctor suspects mankind is being manipulated. Nothing escapes the eye of the sinister Editor – but just who is he working for? And does Adam have what it takes to become the Time Lord’s companion?
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Brain Grant
Producer: Phil Collinson
First Broadcast: 7th May 2008
Ratings: 8.0 Million
Duration: 44.25
Cast: Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler - Billie Piper
Adam Mitchell - Bruno Langley
The Editor - Simon Pegg
Cathica - Christine Adams
Suki - Anna Maxwell-Martin
Head Chef - Colin Prockter
Adam's Mum - Judy Holt
Nurse - Tamsin Greig