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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Torchwood Episode Guide: Series One - 2006-07

In this Doctor Who spin-off, John Barrowman reprises his role as Captain Jack Harkness; leader of the Torchwood Institute, set up by Queen Victoria in 1879. But since the Battle of Canary Wharf, only a hand-full of members remain. It's purpose is to battle extraterrestrial forces that threaten the Human race.

1.01: Everything Changes
1.02: Day One
1.03: Ghost Machine
1.04: Cyberwoman
1.05: Small Worlds
1.06: Countrycide
1.07: Greeks Bearing Gifts
1.08: They Keep Killing Suzie
1.09: Random Shoes
1.10: Out of Time
1.11: Combat
1.12: Captain Jack Harkness
1.13: End of Days