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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Series Nine - 2015

Series Nine - 2015
Peter Capaldi • Jenna Coleman

The Doctor and Clara continue their adventures in time and space in the highly anticipated ninth series of Doctor Who. Having the time of their lives, the pair meets new and old monsters, embark on a journey that takes them to deadly alien planets, creepy underwater bases, Viking villages, and a global Zygon uprising, which eventually leads them through hidden alien streets to the Doctor's deepest confession, where Gallifrey is waiting...

9.01: The Magician's Apprentice - Part 1
9.02: The Witch's Familiar - Part 2
9.03: Under the Lake - Part 1
9.04: Before the Flood - Part 2
9.05: The Girl Who Died
9.06: The Woman Who Lived
9.07: The Zygon Invasion - Part 1
9.08: The Zygon Inversion - Part 2
9.09: Sleep No More
9.10: Face the Raven
9.11: Heaven Sent
9.12: Hell Bent 

9.S01: Prologue to The Magician's Apprentice
9.S02: The Doctor’s Meditation 
9.S03: The Husbands of River Song