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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Torchwood: One Rule - Cover & Details

Big Finish have issued the cover and details of their fourth Torchwood audio play, featuring the return of Tracy-Ann Oberman as Doctor Who character Yvonne Hartman:

Big Finish is delighted to announce the return of Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman in Torchwood: One Rule, the fourth release in its new series of Torchwood audio plays.

Tracy-Ann first appeared as Yvonne in the 2006 Doctor Who episode Army of Ghosts written by Torchwood creator Russell T Davies. The ruthless head of London’s Torchwood One, her universe-threatening schemes placed her at odds with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

Yvonne perished in a city wide battle, but this new release takes place in Cardiff a year before her death on a secret mission involving a mysterious alien conspiracy. She’s brought her dress sense and her marvellous people skills… and she’s no idea what she’s in for.

"When we presented the idea of using Yvonne," says producer James Goss, "Matt Nicholls at BBC Worldwide came up with a brilliant caveat - he suggested we could have Yvonne, but not the all-powerful Queen Bee of Canary Wharf. Instead he wanted her to come thoroughly unstuck in Cardiff."

Torchwood: One Rule has been written by prolific author Joseph Lidster - whose previous credits include the second series Torchwood episode A Day in the Death.

"Torchwood was my first piece of writing for television and it remains my favourite series." says Joseph, "Not just the television episodes but the books, audiobooks, radio plays, all of it. I’d have been gutted not to have been involved in some way - I’d have happily gone into the studio and made the tea!"

"James Goss gave me a choice of available characters but it was Yvonne who leapt out at me. She’s one of my favourite characters to have appeared in Doctor Who - she has questionable beliefs but she genuinely thinks she’s doing the best thing for her country. She’s also incredibly funny and brilliantly performed by the magnificent Tracy-Ann Oberman."

ONE RULE - written by Joseph Lidster, directed by Barnaby Edwards
It’s been three weeks since the Mayor of Cardiff was killed by a shop dummy and the fight is on to see who will replace him.

Yvonne Hartman is visiting the city to retrieve an invaluable alien device. She's in charge of Torchwood One, she's saving the British Empire and she doesn't care about local politics. But she is going to find herself caught up in that fight. There’s a bloodthirsty alien stalking the streets and there’s a special offer on at the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

It’s the 26th of March 2005 and it’s the day that everything changes.

Torchwood: One Rule will be released in December priced £9.99 physically and £7.99 digitally.