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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

9.09: Sleep No More

Series 9 - Episode 9

Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Justin Molotnikov
Producer: Nikki Wilson
Synopsis: Orbiting Neptune in the far future, the Doctor and Clara arrive on the Le Verrier Space Station where they're met by a group of soldiers on a mission to find Gagan Rassmussen, inventor of the Morpheus process that allows humans short bursts of sleep so they can work for longer. But as the Doctor and Clara learn, conquering nature can lead to terrible abominations...
Original Broadcast: 14th November 2015
Duration: 45:08
Ratings: 6.51 Million
Cast: Twelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald - Jenna Coleman
Gagan Rassmussen - Reece Shearsmith
Jagganth Daiki-Nagata - Elaine Tan
Osamu Aimi-Chopra - Neet Mohan
Grunt 474 - Bethany Black
Haruka Deep-Ando - Paul Courtenay Hyu
Morpheus Presenter - Zina Badran
Hologram Singer 1 - Natasha Patel
Hologram Singer 2 - Elizabeth Chong
Hologram Singer 3 - Nikkita Chadha
Hologram Singer 4 - Gracie Lai
King Sandman - Paul Davis
Sandman 1 - Tom Wilton
Sandman 2 - Matthew Doman
Voice of Computer - Nikki Wilson