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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Missy 5" Figures - CO Exclusive

Character Options have issued the details for new limited edition 5" action figure exclusive to them in two variants, read on for further details:

Missy (The Master) is a Time Lady, and like the Doctor, is from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. The two were friends in their youth and both chose to ignore their people's policy of non-intervention with other species. But unlike the Doctor, Missy chose to travel the universe causing chaos and revelling in wickedness on an epic scale.

Throughout all their encounters they usually showed a respect towards each other and on the occasions when they were forced to work as a team it was clear they made terrific allies. These two rouge Time Lords - so different but so similar - facing the world on their terms with gusto and enormous talent, but forever ending up alone. 

Missy has been firmly established as a new fan favourite character, and as a collector’s figure, she is truly a must have. The Missy Figure will be available in two variants; a purple outfitted version with hat from the Series 8 finale episodes; and alternatively in her ‘Heaven’ outfit, hatless with black jacket and manic grin.

This exclusive and limited edition action figure is highly detailed, features 18 points of articulation and includes Missy's iconic accessories in the form of her umbrella and multi-purpose devicee. The bespoke Collectors Series packaging is perfect for display and for the first time is resealable, so the figures can be enjoyed in and out of packaging without losing their collectability.

  • Multi-Purpose Device
  • Umbrella

Both variants of this figure are on sale from 2nd November exclusively from Character Options priced £19.99 each.