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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Doctor Who Radio Times Cover

The latest edition of the Radio Times features a Doctor Who-themed cover. There's also an interview with Karen Gillan - here's a snippet:

“We just kind of bounce off each other. The banter that you see on screen – that’s what we’re like all day on set. I sometimes wonder if it’s our way of keeping our energy up between scenes, but it’s all subconscious. And I think we might have been like that if we’d met in any other situation.”

“The one thing I never wanted to do with Amy,” she goes on, “was to base her on any kind of formula, to conform to what works – or what has worked – in a companion; you know, the whole, likeable, girl-next-door business. Amy is likeable, I hope, but she’s not ordinary. She’s quite complicated and there are layers to explore. So I was taking a few risks with her and I think it works.”

The magazine is out now at all good newsagents priced £1.10 per copy.