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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Doctor Who Episode Guide: Series Five - 2010

Series five of Doctor Who is the start of an new era of the show, now led by Steven Moffat. Starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor and Karen Gillan as feisty companion Amy Pond, the pair visit Starship UK, search for the last of the Weeping Angels in the Maze of the Dead and form a bond with distressed artist Vincent van Gogh. However, a new threat is enclosing around the Doctor and his friends; the universe is cracked. The Pandorica will open. Silence will fall.

5.04: The Time of Angels - Part 1
5.05: Flesh and Stone - Part 2
5.08: The Hungry Earth - Part 1
5.09: Cold Blood - Part 2
5.11: The Lodger
5.12: The Pandorica Opens - Part 1
5.13: The Big Bang - Part 2