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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Doctor Who: Infrared Battle RC Ironside Dalek

Character Options have released info on the newest Doctor Who remote control Dalek toy:

Infrared Battle RC Ironside Dalek
Professor Edwin Bracewell was an inventor working for the British Army during the second World War. He had a brilliant mind, and ideas such as “hypersonic flight” and “gravity bubbles” seemed to come to him from nowhere. One particular concept was the “Ironsides”; robots designed to be the perfect warrior, equipped with a ray gun and manipulator arm, and pressed into service as Britain’s latest weapon. However, Ironsides were really the last remnants of the Daleks, who had fallen back through time. Professor Bracewell was in fact their android creation, part of a complex trap to lure the Doctor back to where they were hiding, so he would unwittingly allow the Dalek race to be reborn…

This fully functional radio controlled Dalek Ironside has full 360 degree movement control, a built in infrared combat system which allows you to use two Daleks to battle against each other, flashing lights and speech. Features also include a poseable gun and arm.

A Blue Scientist Dalek and red Drone Dalek will also be available as RC remote control toys. They will require six AAA batteries and are on sale from 16th August.