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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

6.S8: Death is the Only Answer

This is: Doctor Who: 2011 Script to Screen Competition Episode
Title: Death is the Only Answer
Mon/Vil: Ood/ Transformed Albert Einstein & his Liquid
Synopsis: When the Doctor is reunited with his fez, he trips over onto the console, knocking off his the fez and hitting a lever. The fez vanishes and Albert Einstein appears from nowhere, with the fez on his head. He had been working on his time machine, and thought he'd found the vital part of it - a mysterious liquid which Einstein believed to be bionic fusion liquid. But Einstein got it wrong. When he walks away from the console, the liquid spits up at his face despite the Doctor's warnings, turning Einstein into an Ood. For several seconds the 'Albert-Ood' repeatedly tells the Doctor "death, is the only answer", leaving him confused. The Doctor manages to turn Albert back into his normal self, and stops him from feeling sick with help from the Sonic. The Doctor drops Albert off in 1945, and leaves for another adventure, with a bit of goo left on the floor.
Writers: Children of Oakley Junior School
Director: Jeremy Webb
Producer: TBC
First Broadcast: 1st October 2011
Ratings: TBC
Duration: 03.47
Cast: Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
Albert Einstein - Nickolas Grace
Ood - Paul Kasey