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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

6.S3: Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut

This is: Doctor Who: Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut
Title: Untitled
Mon/Vil: Silent
Synopsis: Washington DC, 1969 and President Nixon receives a phone call from a 'little girl'. She begs for the president to look behind him, but he asks how she got this number, replying that the 'spaceman' told her. She tells him about monsters, how "they're everywhere, we see them everyday" to which he replies "young lady; there are no monsters in the Oval Office." The line then goes dead, but as the president hangs up and leans back, he fails to notice a Silent standing behind him...
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: TBC
Producer: TBC
First Broadcast: 15th March 2011
Ratings: None
Duration: 01.55
Cast: President Richard Nixon - Stuart Milligan
Little Girl Voice - Sydney Wade