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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

6.S10: Night and the Doctor - Bad Night

This is: Doctor Who: Series 6 DVD Boxset Extra 1
Title: Night and the Doctor - Bad Night
Mon/Vil: None
Synopsis: When Amy is woken in the middle of the night by the Tardis telephone, she learns the Doctor carries on a very active social and adventuring life while his companions sleep. She tries to piece together how the fate of the Commonwealth could possibly be affected by the Doctor, an unseen River Song, an unnamed Prince of Wales and a British Queen who has been turned into a goldfish. To the Doctor's horror, Amy has killed a Warrior Chief in the form a fly while he was out. She tries to stop the Doctor to have a serious conversation, however, he calls for Rory as it's "his turn" to handle her emotions. Amy begins to chew Rory out for this, but the Doctor's horrified scream stops her - he's got the wrong goldfish. He's now got three hours to find the Queen with River before the pet shops.
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Richard Senior
Producer: TBC
First Broadcast: 21st November 2011
Ratings: None
Duration: 03.39
Cast: Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
Rory Williams - Aurthur Darvill