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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

6.12: Closing Time

This is: Doctor Who: Series 6 - Episode 12
Title: Closing Time
Mon/Vil: Cybermen, Cybermats, Madame Kovarian & Silence
Synopsis: In the last few days of his life, the Doctor pays a farewell visit to his old friend Craig, and encounters a mystery, as the time-travelling drama continues. People are going missing, a silver rat scuttles in the shadows of a department store, and somewhere close by the Cybermen are waiting…
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Stevens Hughes
Producer: Denise Paul
First Broadcast: 24th September 2011
Ratings: 6.93 Million
Duration: 45.10
Cast: Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
Craig Owens - James Corden 
Val - Lynda Baron 
Shona - Seroca Davis 
Kelly - Holli Dempsey 
George - Christopher Obi 
Sophie - Daisy Haggard
Amy Pond - Karen Gillan 
Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill 
Dr. River Song - Alex Kingson
Madame Kovarian - Frances Barber 
Cybermen - Paul Kasey 
Silent - Marnix Van Den Broeke 
Cyberman Voices - Nicholas Briggs