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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Complete 7th Series DVD & Blu-ray - Covers & Details

BBC DVD have revealed the covers and details for the release of the complete seventh series of Doctor Who onto DVD and Blu-ray, read on for further details:

BBC Worldwide releases all thirteen blockbuster episodes from Doctor Who series seven and the 2011 and 2012 Christmas specials on Blu-ray and DVD on October 28th, 2013. In addition, the set contains exciting bonus features including behind-the-scenes featurettes, Doctor Who at Comic Con, specials The Companions and Doctor Who in the US and more. These latest adventures test the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) and prove that even a madman with a box needs help sometimes.

Say farewell to the Ponds all over again. Meet the enigmatic Clara for the first time - and the second, and the third. Face enemies new and old, follow the Doctor (Matt Smith) to the one place he should never go, and learn the secret to a really great soufflĂ©. With a cliffhanger ending that will leave fans breathless, this set arrives just in time to catch up before the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special on November 23rd, and the Doctor’s regeneration in this year’s Christmas Special.

In The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, the 2011 Christmas Special, the Doctor proves that sometimes wishes really do come true when his mysterious gift leads Madge Arwell and her two children to a magical wintry wonderland. Then, in the first part of series seven, the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) make their final voyages with the Doctor. They save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in the Wild West and are even kidnapped by the Doctor’s oldest foe. But when they arrive in Manhattan the Weeping Angels are waiting for them - and the Doctor has to say goodbye to his companions forever.

The 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen, brings the Doctor a new friend (Jenna Coleman) in Victorian London - but has he already met her before? And will she be able to pull him from his mourning in time to save London from the chilling menace that threatens it? The final eight episodes of series seven see the Doctor and his new companion battle monsters on distant alien planets, become trapped in a Russian submarine with a deadly passenger, chase terrifying ghosts, and come face-to-face with an army of upgraded Cybermen. When his friends are kidnapped, the Doctor and Clara are forced to visit the fields of Trenzalore, where the question that must never be answered is finally asked… and the Doctor uncovers the secret of the Impossible Girl. 


7.x1: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
7.01: Asylum of the Daleks
7.02: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
7.03: A Town Called Mercy
7.04: The Power of Three
7.05: The Angels Take Manhattan
7.x2: The Snowmen
7.06: The Bells of Saint John
7.07: The Rings of Akhaten
7.08: Cold War
7.09: Hide
7.10: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
7.11: The Crimson Horror
7.12: Nightmare in Silver
7.13: The Name of the Doctor

  • Mini-Episodes (Good as Gold / Pond Life / Rain Gods / Clara and the Tardis / The Inforarium)
  • Prequels to The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe,  Asylum of the Daleks,  A Town Called Mercy (The Making of the Gunslinger), The Snowmen (The Great Detective / Vastra Investigates / The Battle of Demon's Run - Two Days Later), The Bells of Saint John & The Name of the Doctor (She Said, He Said / Clarence and the Whispermen)
  • Behind the Scenes - 14 Episodes
  • Documentaries: The Science of Doctor Who, The Companions, Doctor Who in the U.S, The Last Days of the Ponds and Creating Clara
  • Doctor Who at Comic-Con
  • Commentaries for The Snowmen, Cold War, Hide and The Crimson Horror

The complete seventh series of Doctor Who is on sale from 28th October at all good DVD stores priced £51.05 per copy on DVD format and £57.18 per copy on Blu-ray format.