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Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Complete 8th Series DVD & Blu-ray - Covers & Details

BBC DVD have revealed the covers and details for the release of the complete eighth series of Doctor Who onto DVD and Blu-ray, read on for further details:

BBC Worldwide releases all twelve episodes from the eighth series of Doctor Who on DVD and Blu-ray on November 17, 2014. In addition, the set contains exciting bonus features including all twelve behind-the-scenes episodes of Doctor Who Extra, Earth Conquest, which documents the Doctor Who world tour, the documentaries The Ultimate Time Lord and The Ultimate Companion and more. Peter Capadi's debut as the Doctor chronicles his journey with companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) to discover the answer to the question "Am I a good man?"

The season features guest stars including Michelle Gomez (Bad Education, Green Wing), Foxes (Grammy award winning singer/song writer), Frank Skinner (Room 101), Ben Miller (Armstrong and Miller), Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons, Freezing), Keeley Hawes (Line of Duty) and Samuel Anderson (History Boys, Gavin & Stacey) as Danny Pink.

The box set contains every explosive episode from Peter Capaldi’s debut series in the role including:

8.01: Deep Breath
8.02: Into the Dalek
8.03: Robot of Sherwood
8.04: Listen
8.05: Time Heist
8.06: The Caretaker
8.07: Kill the Moon
8.08: Mummy on the Orient Express
8.09: Flatline
8.10: In the Forest of the Night
8.11: Dark Water
8.12: Death in Heaven

Deep Breath Cinema Intro
Foxes: Don't Stop Me Now Music Video
Doctor Who Extra
The Ultimate Time Lord
The Ultimate Companion
Earth Conquest
Deep Breath Cinema Panel
Cast Interviews
Audio Commentaries on Four Episodes

BBC DVD have also released details regarding an exclusive event in celebration of the release of the boxset:

To celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series, BBC Worldwide is delighted to announce an exciting fan event to be held on Monday 17th November featuring the stars of the show. It will be the first chance the cast have had to reflect on the thrilling conclusion of Peter Capaldi’s debut series in front of 140 lucky fans at a central London location. 

BBC Worldwide has 70 pairs of tickets to give away for this exclusive event. Fans will be treated to a special screening followed by a Q&A with members of the cast. All they need to do is visit and correctly answer the multiple choice question, when they will subsequently be entered into a prize draw. The competition opens today and will close at 23:59 on Wed 29th October.

Frank Skinner commented, "When they asked me to host this event I was over the moon. Luckily the space-dragon incubation period is such that I was in no real danger. I have so many questions I want to ask and, when we're all talked out, I'm planning to finish off by crowd-surfing for 10 to 15 minutes, dressed as Chief Engineer Perkins."

The complete eighth series of Doctor Who is on sale from 17th November at all good DVD stores priced £49.99 per copy on DVD format and £54.99 per copy on Blu-ray format.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Doctor and the Dalek

The BBC have released details regarding a new online Doctor Who game for children based around teaching computer skills , read on for further details:

A brand new game will introduce computing skills to children as they help the Doctor on his latest adventure.

The BBC has today announced The Doctor and the Dalek, a new online game for CBBC audiences voiced by Peter Capaldi. The game sees the newly regenerated Twelfth Doctor thrown into a dangerous quest with his most devious of enemies in a new, standalone, story from Doctor Who and Wizards vs Aliens TV writer, Phil Ford.

The Doctor and the Dalek - which has been specially released to be part of the BBC's Make it Digital initiative to inspire a new generation to get creative with coding, digital technology and programming - will be available freely at from Wednesday 22nd October.

The Doctor and the Dalek
Players join the action as the Tardis materialises amidst a deadly pursuit through space - a Dalek Saucer bearing down on a Cyber-ship. But from that Cyber-ship emanates a distress call - from a Dalek! On freeing the battered Dalek from his Cybermen captors, the Doctor finds himself taking his new unlikely ally on a mission to save all of creation from destruction at the hands of his greatest enemies.

But why would a Dalek turn to its mortal foe for help? To find out, join the Doctor and the Dalek in a new adventure spanning the Sontar homeworld and its vile Clone Chambers, which have never been shown on-screen before, as well as reintroducing the icy Cyber-tombs of Telos - last seen in classic Doctor Who episodes.

The Doctor said: "Oi! Short and not-very-old one! I need your help - I’ve got a Dalek and we’ve got a mission to save the universe. So get on over to the CBBC website, and play The Doctor and the Dalek while there’s still a universe left! Come on! Chop chop! Make it Digital on the BBC."

Introducing computing skills
A range of puzzles are featured throughout the game, where players must take control of the Dalek and programme it to “power up” its ability to perform a range of tasks, such as flying. Each puzzle unlocks an achievement that helps the Doctor build the Dalek back to full strength, ensuring it can take on increasingly difficult challenges as the game progresses.

The puzzles are linked to the new computing curriculum and are designed to allow children across the UK to pick up core programming principles as they play. Several key stage 2 and 3 curriculum points - such as combining instructions to accomplish a given goal, using variables to alter behaviour, repetition and loops, and logical reasoning – are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and, most importantly for children, are intuitive and fun.

Resources accompanying the game will be available from BBC Learning at for teachers and parents to help children get the most out of the game. These will provide links to other resources available from across the BBC and third parties, enabling children and teachers to take their learning journeys further.

Danny Cohen, BBC director of television, said: "The Doctor and the Dalek is a brand new Doctor Who story and a fantastic game, voiced by the wonderful Peter Capaldi. It’s an excellent example of how a hugely popular BBC show can give fans something extra, whilst also introducing wider audiences to increasingly important skills, such as coding and programming."

SinĂ©ad Rocks, head of BBC Learning, said: "We’re really excited about the launch of The Doctor and the Dalek as not only is it a really entertaining platform game for kids to play but it’s also a great introduction to some key principles of computer programing. Every puzzle has a strong link to the KS2 or KS3 computer science curriculum. So we think it’s going to be a really valuable tool for students, parents and teachers.”

The Doctor and the Dalek was commissioned by BBC Learning, developed and produced by BBC Wales and Somethin’ Else in association with BBC Future Media.

The Doctor and the Dalek will be available to play from tomorrow on the CBBC website.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 357

The cover and details of the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

Find out how to invade your school with Doctor Who Adventures magazine
In the new issue of Doctor Who Adventures, the magazine for children that love Doctor Who, you’ll find out how to invade your school with monsters and raise money for BBC Children in Need. All you’ll need is your head teacher’s permission…

Included in the magazine is a monster to cut out and stick on your face, which is good for Halloween too! Plus! SHOCK! There’s an imposter in the Alien Babies comic strip - what’s Harry Styles from One Direction doing there? To find out, check out the issue on sale now!

The issue comes with 4 epic gifts - a brilliant build-your-own Tardis kit, magic moving Weeping Angel card and two badges. Don’t miss it.

Also this issue:
  • A look at the next two episodes, In the Forest of the Night and Dark Water.
  • Who is Missy and why does she keep appearing in the series?
  • Our favourite scares from this series so far.
  • Interview with Ellis George, who plays Courtney in the current series.
  • A round up of cool things to buy.
  • Exciting comic strip by Richard Cookson featuring the Doctor and Clara.
  • Draw a Cyberman!
  • Fact figures to cut out and keep.
  • Mega prizes, puzzles and posters!

Issue 357 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 22nd October at all good newsagents until 4th November priced £3.99 per copy.

In the Forest of the Night - Trailers


After the broadcast of Doctor Who: Flatline last Saturday, a trailer for the next episode in the series - In the Forest of the Night - was shown, you can watch it above. Also, the teaser trailer for the episode is currently broadcasting in between programmes on various BBC channels, you can watch it below:


Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night will broadcast this Saturday at 8:20pm on BBC One and BBC One HD. In other news: Flatline received an overnight rating of 4.6 million with an appreciation index of 85%, the final BARB ratings will be released next week. The final BARB ratings for Mummy on the Orient Express have recently been confirmed as 7.11 million.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Series 8 - Continues Tonight

The current series of Doctor Who continues tonight at 8:25pm on BBC One and BBC One HD, read on for the synopsis:

FLATLINE - by Jamie Mathieson
Separated from the Doctor, Clara discovers a new menace from another dimension. But how do you hide when even the walls are no protection? With people to save and the Doctor trapped, Clara comes up against an enemy that exists beyond human perception.

The episode will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer soon after broadcast. The series continues next week with In the Forest of the Night - more information coming then.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 356

The cover and details of this fortnight's edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine;

IN ISSUE 356...
Awesome stickers!
Amazing wins!
Behind the scenes!
Monster meals!
Fun and games!
Mega battles!
Comic fun!

Issue 356 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale now at all good newsagents until 21st October priced £2.99 per copy.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dark Water - Synopsis

The BBC Media Centre has released the official synopsis for the eleventh episode of the current series of Doctor Who, read on for further details:

DARK WATER - by Steven Moffat
In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn up. Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming. "Death is not an end" promises the sinister organisation known only as 3W - but, as the Doctor and Clara discover, you might wish it was.

Doctor Who: Dark Water will broadcast Saturday 1st November at 8:15pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.