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Sunday, 1 January 2017

10.09: Empress of Mars

Series 10 - Episode 9

Writer: Mark Gatiss
Director: Wayne Yip
Producer: Nikki Wilson
Synopsis: The Doctor, Bill and Nardole arrive on Mars, and find themselves in an impossible conflict between Ice Warriors… and Victorian soldiers. As the Martian hive awakens around them, the Doctor faces a unique dilemma - this time the humans, not the Ice Warriors are the invaders. When Earth is invading Mars, whose side is he on?

Original Broadcast: 10th June 2017
Duration: 43:42
Ratings: 5.02 Million
CastTwelfth Doctor - Peter Capaldi
Bill Potts - Pearl Mackie
Nardole - Matt Lucas
Missy - Michelle Gomez 
Colonel Godsacre - Anthony Calf 
Captain Neville Catchlove - Ferdinand Kingsley 
Ice Warrior Friday - Richard Ashton 
Ice Queen Iraxxa - Adele Lynch 
Sergeant Major Peach - Glenn Speers
Jackdaw - Ian Beattie 
Vincey - Bayo Gbadamosi 
Knibbs - Ian Hughes
Coolidge - Lesley Ewen
Voice of Alpha Centauri - Ysanne Churchman