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Monday, 16 November 2009

3rd 2009 Special & Dreamland: New Trailers

After the broadcast of Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars last night, a trailer for next 2009 Doctor Who specials was shown, you can watch it above. The first of a two-parter, the title for Part 1 is yet to be revealed, while the title for Part 2 has been confirmed as The End of Time. Also, a trailer advertising the new Doctor Who animation series Dreamland is currently being shown on various BBC channels inbetween show breaks, you can watch it below:

Doctor Who: Dreamland will start broadcasting from 20th November on BBC Red Button and continue daily until 26th November. A full omnibus broadcast of the series will broadcast later this year. In other news: last night's viewing of The Waters of Mars was watched by 9.1 million viewers, the final BARB ratings will be revealed within the next ten days.