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Friday, 30 December 2011

SJA: Series 5 & Series 1-5 DVD/ Blu-Ray Sets - Covers & Info

2entertain have released the covers and synopsis for The Sarah Jane Adventures series five and series one-five DVD and Blu-Ray releases:

SERIES 5 - £15.31 on DVD; £20.42 on Blu-Ray (1 disc)
All three two-part episodes from the fifth series of the highly acclaimed Doctor Who spin-off, created by the award-winning writer, Russell T Davies.

The Sarah Jane Adventures follows the adventures of one of the Doctor’s most famous former companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), as she faces all manner of alien life-forms and restores Earth’s cosmic balance with the help of her young assistants Clyde (Daniel Anthony), Luke (Tommy Knight), Rani (Anjli Mohindra) and Sky (Sinead Michael). 

Two-part stories included:
The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was

COMPLETE SERIES 1-5 - £71.48 on DVD (12 discs)
All two-part episodes from the first to fifth series of the Doctor Who spin-off created by the award-winning writer Russell T. Davies. 13-year-old Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige)’s life gets a lot more exciting when she finds out she has moved right next door to one of the Doctor’s most famous former companions, investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). Soon the young girl is comes face-to-face with all manner of alien life-forms, as she helps her new neighbour restore Earth’s cosmic balance. 

Two-part stories included:
S1: Invasion of the Bane; Revenge of the Slitheen; Eye of the Gorgon; Warriors of Kudlak; Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?; The Lost Boy

S2: The Last Sontaran; The Day of the Clown; Secrets of the Stars; The Mark of the Berserker; The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith; Enemy of the Bane

S3: Prisoner of the Judoon; The Mad Woman in the Attic; The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith; The Eternity Trap; Mona Lisa's Revenge; The Gift

S4: The Nightmare Man; The Vault of Secrets; Death of the Doctor; The Empty Planet; Lost in Time; Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

S5: Sky; The Curse of Clyde Langer; The Man Who Never Was

Both releases are on sale from 6th February at all good DVD stores.