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Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Eleventh Doctor - Officially Revealed!

Earlier today, a special edition of Doctor Who Confidential, titled The Eleventh Doctor, broadcasted on BBC One and revealed the actor who will play the Eleventh Doctor in the next full series of Doctor Who. Please prepare yourself and give a round of applause for...


Aged just 26, Matt Smith will be the youngest actor to play the Doctor to date. He will take over the role from David Tennant by the end of the year. You can watch an interview with Smith about becoming the Doctor below: 
More info on this news bulletin can be found here. Filming for series five of Doctor Who, featuring Smith, starts this forthcoming Summer and will broadcast in Spring 2010.


secret lover said...

fantastic choice for the new dr well done matt looking for ward to the series next year.sorry to see david go a great dr who.

Anonymous said...

I second that!! As I've had time to think about it, it seems that Matt will be completely different from David - and that can only be a good thing ... The Doctor is supposed to change, in personality as well as physically.

But we still have David for a little while yet, so let's enjoy these many months :)