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Monday, 12 January 2009

Collect & Build Doctor Who Figures - Gelth Phantom Wave

Due to complaints about the Doctor Who Collect & Build Vespiform figure wave, Character Options are releasing yet another Collect & Build wave, but instead of using re-issued figures for the wave, the new assortment includes new figures from series one, two and three of Doctor Who. With each figure you recieve, you get a piece of the Gelth Phantom figure. Collect all seven figures, you get the complete deluxe figure with stand. Here's which part of the Gelth Phantom each figure comes with.

Old Doctor & Ancient Doctor - Head
Bannakaffalatta (with Removable Shirt with Cyborg Reveal & EMP Device) - Main Body
Captain Jack Harkness (with the Doctor's Severed Hand in Jar) - Stand & Base
Astrid Peth - Spectrum 1
Regenerated Master - Body 1
Purple Clockwork Man (with Clockwork Weapon & Removable Mask) - Spectrum 2
Jabe (with Scanner) - Body 2

The figures are on sale later this month at all good toy stores priced £7.99 each.