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Monday, 9 June 2014

Doctor Who Experience - Walking Tours Return

The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff are bringing back their Walking Tours for the summer holidays, read on for further details:

The popular Doctor Who Walking Tours are back!
Operating every Friday/Saturday/Sunday from Saturday 14th June 2014 until Sunday 20th July 2014, let our expert tour guides take you on a journey back through time where you get to see and Experience the very locations where Doctor Who was filmed in Cardiff!

Created by Doctor Who novelist Gary Russell, this amazing opportunity allows you to get even closer to your favourite show this summer.

Lasting up to an hour, the official tours will visit over thirty-one locations featured in the filming of the show, including: the building where the Weeping Angels watched Sally Sparrow and the Police Station in the Blink episode; the American diner River Song, Amy and Rory met the Doctor inside within The Impossible Astronaut episode, and the Wales Millennium Centre, where episodes including: The Girl Who Waited, The Sound of Drums, and Vincent and the Doctor were all filmed.

Tickets for the tour will be on sale from 11th June at 12:00pm, while students can get a 20% discount from the Doctor Who Experience. Prices are still to be confirmed.