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Monday, 22 April 2013

New Character Building Sets

Character Options have revealed new two playsets from their Doctor Who Character Building range, read on for further details:

Dalek Skimmer Mini-Vechicle
When huge Dalek saucers appear in the skies of planets they are invading, they release hundreds of Dalek Skimmers from their launch bays, swarming over a planet to hunt down and exterminate any survivors!

Bristling with missiles and advanced Dalek weaponry, and piloted by two Daleks, the Dalek Skimmer strikes fear into the heart of all who see them!

Cyberman Speeder Mini-Vechicle
Cold and emotionless the Cybermen wage an eternal war across the Galaxy invading peaceful planets and converting the inhabitants into Cybermen, Slow-footed, the Cybermen use their sleek and fast Cyber-speeders to capture their prey alive.

Their fate - having their bodies replaced with cyber technology, converting them into dreaded Cybermen!

Both sets are on sale now at all good toystores priced £9.99 each.