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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Roots of Evil - Cover & Details

Puffin have revealed the cover and synopsis of the fourth edition of their ebooks celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, read on for further details:

THE ROOTS OF EVIL - by Philip Reeve
When the Fourth Doctor takes Leela to visit an immense tree space station known as the Heligan Structure, little do they know that the tree has been asleep for centuries, dreaming of vengeance against a man in a blue box. As the tree awakes, the Time Lord and his companion soon discover why they are such unwelcome guests...

Doctor Who: The Roots of Evil will be released on 23rd April onto all good digital media outlets priced £1.99 per download and will be available as a physical paperpack in November to co-elide with Doctor Who's 50th anniversary, more information coming soon.