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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New Doctor Who Radio Times Cover

The latest edition of the Radio Times supports a Doctor Who themed cover, as well as an interview with Matt Smith and a exclusive guide to the new series.

Ah, it's that time of year again. If you close your eyes and wish your hardest, you can just about hear them - the Tardis engines grinding in the sky. The Doctor is coming back.

Whovians won't want to miss this week's issue of Radio Times, which features an exclusive guide to the sixth series of Doctor Who by none other than series custodian Steven Moffat. Plus Matt Smith explains why the Doctor's such a flirt…

When last seen, he tumbled down a chimney on Christmas Eve and saved a bad man's soul, but darker days now lie ahead for the last of the Time Lords. The Silence, the unseen enemy who blew up his Tardis last year, have laid deeper plans and set the deadliest trap of all - one that has been ticking away in the Doctor's life for longer than anyone knows.

Newly weds Amy and Rory are caught up in a century-spanning scheme, and somewhere out there, in a storm-lashed prison, River Song is getting ready to tell the Doctor something that will change his life for ever.

By Lake Silencio, on the Plain of Sighs, a story will begin and end. A good man is going to die, an impossible life will begin, and our heroes will set out on the long road to the deadliest secret in the universe - and when it stares you in the face, you might just discover you've known about it all along.

This year Doctor Who happens twice. Seven episodes now, a cliffhanger that changes everything, then six more episodes after the summer. But that's not all that is changing. Last year was a rollercoaster: Matt Smith's amazing new Doctor came bursting out of the Tardis and tried every ride in the funfair - except one. It's time to step aboard the ghost train.

Welcome to new monsters, new terrors and Doctor Who season six. Hold tight! 

The magazine is on sale from today priced £1.20 per copy.