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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Doctor Who: Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Toy

Underground Toys have revealed info on new Doctor Who handheld toy, exclusive to Forbidden Planet stores in the UK:

The Sonic Screwdriver is a versatile tool and defensive device first used by the Doctor in his second incarnation for opening up hatches, panels and controls! Later uses included cutting through wall sections and even as a conventional screwdriver.

During the Fourth Doctor’s reign, he remade yet another similar style of Sonic Screwdriver but with many more features and functions including micro soldering of circuitry, cutting wires and bulkheads and even detonating Dalek explosives.

In this great new release we present an electronic version of the Fourth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver with two sounds and spring loaded sound activation.

The Fourth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver toy is on sale from 18th April exclusively at Forbidden Planet stores priced £19.99.