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Monday, 15 September 2008

Doctor Who Battles in Time - Issues 53 & 54

The covers and info on the next two issues of Doctor Who Battles in Time magazine:

The Shadow Proclamation 
Episode Guide: Silence in the Library 
Card Clash: Davros vs Supreme Dalek 
Comic Strip: The Time Stealer 
Dalek Wars: Daleks vs US Military 
On Sale: 17th September 2008
Cards: Devastator - 1 pack 
Price: £2.50
Supreme Dalek and Dalek Caan
Doctor Deck: Tardis Panorama
Episode Guide: Forest of the Dead
Card Clash: Vespiform vs General Staal
Comic Strip: School of the Dead
Behind the Scenes: Creating the Creator  
On Sale: 1st October 2008
Cards: Devastator - 1 pack
Price: £2.50