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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Series Ten - 2016-17

Series Ten - 2016-17
Peter Capaldi • Pearl Mackie • Matt Lucas

When student Bill Potts meets her new tutor known as the Doctor, she is offered the chance of a lifetime to explore the universe with him. Joined by Nardole, the new TARDIS crew encounter giant fish in Regency England, the dangers of space in the far future, and Victorian soldiers under the surface of Mars. Meanwhile, Nardole is in charge of making sure the Doctor sticks to his oath: the guard the mysterious vault. But what's inside it? And how long does the Doctor have before his time runs out?

10.01: The Pilot
10.02: Smile
10.03: Thin Ice
10.04: Knock Knock
10.05: Oxygen
10.06: Extremis
10.07: The Pyramid at the End of the World
10.08: The Lie of the Land
10.09: Empress of Mars
10.10: The Eaters of Light
10.11: World Enough and Time - Part 1
10.12: The Doctor Falls - Part 2

10.S01: The Return of Doctor Mysterio
10.S02: Twice Upon a Time