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Friday, 31 August 2012

Series Seven - 2012-13

Series Seven - 2012-13
Matt Smith • Karen Gillan • Arthur Darvill  • Jenna-Louise Coleman

Series 7 of Doctor Who features dinosaurs, cowboys, angels and every Dalek ever, as Matt Smith returns as the Doctor in a range of blockbuster episodes in the build-up to the show's 50th anniversary. As companions Amy and Rory depart in one the shows most heartbreaking episodes, the Doctor becomes acquainted with the mysterious Clara Oswald; the impossible girl who cannot exist. But on the journey to discover who Clara really is, the Doctor realises that his greatest secret is about to be discovered, a secret he will take to his grave...


7.S01: Good as Gold 
7.S02: Pond Life
7.S03: Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks
7.S04: The Making of the Gunslinger
7.S05: P.S.  
7.S06: The Great Detective
7.S07: Vastra Investigates
7.S08: The Snowmen 
7.S09: Prequel to The Bells of Saint John
7.S10: The Battle of Demon's Run - Two Days Later
7.S11: She Said, He Said
7.S12: Clarence and the Whispermen
7.S13: The Inforarium
7.S14: Clara and the TARDIS
7.S15: Rain Gods
7.S16: The Night of the Doctor
7.S17: The Last Day
7.S18: The Day of the Doctor
7.S19: The Time of the Doctor