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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Doctor Who Adventures - Issue 257

The cover and info on the next edition of Doctor Who Adventures magazine:

"Don’t you love Jam? I think I like raspberry best, although I need to do more experiments to be sure. And I don’t just mean eating it."

"Jam is also useful for pouring over Neptune’s bees. It clogs their wings, means they can’t fly and gives the bees a tasty, nutritious meal that isn't people."

These weeks issue comes with a deadly Dalek set with bouncy ball, keyring, stamp, magnets and more plus a Deadly 60 card pack.

Also inside... 
Crazy Caption 
Crazy Schemes 
The Biggest Ever Doctor Quiz 
Matt’s Secrets 
The Fairest of Them All
Holidays in Space 
Getting it Right 
Plus much more…

Issue 257 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from 23rd February until 29th February at all good newsagents priced £2.50 per copy.