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Thursday, 29 September 2011

New Doctor Who Figures!

Character Options have released information on the next set of Doctor Who series six figures:

Recreate scenes from Doctor Who with these incredibly detailed fully articulated 5-inch action figures. Characters include the Eleventh Doctor and key villains from the hit TV show. Styles may vary - one supplied. For ages five and over. Figures in the wave include:

Eleventh Doctor (in Beard)
Peg Soldier
Mondasian Cyberman (with Chest Damage & Open Cyberman Head)
Mondasain Cyberman (with Face Damage)
20 Cybermats Set

The figures are on sale from next month at all good toystores priced £9.99 each. Also, Underground Toys have revealed their latest classic Doctor Who figure set exclusive to Forbidden Planet:

Leela & Sontaran Commander Stor  
After a secret meeting in space with a group of mysterious aliens, the Fourth Doctor takes Leela to Gallifrey so he can claim the Presidency of the Time Lords. After his induction as Lord President, the Doctor inexplicably commands the force field around Gallifrey to be shut down. His alien coconspirators materialise revealing the Vardans, telepathic invaders that can travel on any wavelength.

The Doctor has been planning a double bluff, working alongside them until he can place a time loop around their home planet. But when he springs his trap the Vardans are banished, only to be immediately replaced by Sontarans! This fearsome clone race were also using the Vardans, but to conquer the Gallifrey. The invasion of the Time Lords has begun, led by Commander Stor. A fierce battle ensues across the Capitol and through the Doctor’s TARDIS. With casualties on both sides, Stor is the only surviving Sontaran left. The Doctor uses knowledge extracted from the Matrix by K-9 to construct a De-Mat gun, a very powerful weapon only to be used as a last resort. The gun is destroyed in an implosion with a Sontaran weapon... killing Stor. As they prepare to leave, Leela announces that she wishes to stay behind, and K-9 elects to remain with her.

The figure set is on sale from 24th November exclusively at Forbidden Planet stores priced £26.99 per purchase.