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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

David Tennant does NOT use any Social Networks!

 Doctor Who Online reported a few years ago that various impostors in chat rooms on the Internet have claimed to be various Doctor Who actors and crew. This insentience has started to happen again, but this time, the impostors are claiming to be David Tennant! 

If you find someone on any social networking site (e.g: Facebook, MSM, MySpace chat rooms or discussion boards) saying that they're the actor DO NOT BELIEVE THEM OR INTERACT WITH THEM, as Tennant has personally assured that he doesn't use any social network accounts. This is a scheme for people to get hold of your personal details. PLEASE take this information seriously in case anything like this happens to you in the future. For more info, watch Litteridge's video on YouTube here. In other news: the next issue of Doctor Who magazine, out tomorrow, confirms that all four 2009 Doctor Who specials will be filmed in high definition.


Anonymous said...

what is david tennant's msn email address