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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Comic Relief Special Announced

The BBC have confirmed that a special mini-episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures is to broadcast during Comic Relief night next month, read on for more details:

Legendary comedian, Ronnie Corbett, has been confirmed as a guest star for a special Red Nose Day version of the highly acclaimed children's drama series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

BBC Wales are recording a one-off mini adventure to air on Comic Relief - Funny for Money airing on Friday 13th March BBC One from 7:00pm.

The top rating children's drama comes from the makers of Doctor Who and stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

Executive producer Russell T Davies said, "It's an honour to get involved with Red Nose Day, and with Ronnie Corbett, K.9 and an old enemy's return, we can promise Sarah Jane Smith's most extraordinary adventure yet!"

The Bafta-nominated series sees Sarah Jane and the gang getting caught in a mysterious world of chases, danger, and monsters from outer space. The show has a huge following in its teatime slot on BBC One and the CBBC channel and the BBC Wales team are delighted to be contributing to Red Nose Day for a one-off mini adventure.

Written by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman it also stars Tommy Knight, Daniel Anthony and Anjli Mohindra. A third series of The Sarah Jane Adventures is to go into production shortly.

Current Doctor Who lead David Tennant will be presenting on the night of broadcast.

The special mini episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, titled From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love, will broadcast within the first hour of Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) night, which will broadcast live from BBC Television Centre from 7:00pm on BBC One.


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