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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 478

The cover and details of the next edition of Doctor Who magazine:

Head writer Steven Moffat talks about the return of the Cybermen in this year’s final adventure.

"I really wanted to do a Cyberman story," says Steven, "because they were always my favourites when I was a kid, and I was quite surprised that one way or another I’d never used them in any of my own scripts, except as supporting characters. So I wanted to do a proper scary one…"

Also in this issue:
  • Extensive previews of Episodes 9 to 12 of the new series - Flatline, In the Forest of the Night, Dark Water and Death in Heaven.
  • DWM talks exclusively to writers Jamie Mathieson, Frank Cottrell Boyce and Steven Moffat.
  • DWM interviews Samuel Anderson, aka Danny Pink .
  • Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions in his exclusive column.
  • DWM talks to Derrick Sherwin, Doctor Who‘s producer in the late 1960s.
  • Kill the Moon writer Peter Harness talks in depth about the script for his episode.
  • Reviews of the latest TV adventures: Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon and Mummy on the Orient Express.
  • DWM talks to the stars of the Eighth Doctor’s latest audio series, Dark Eyes 3, including Paul McGann, Alex Macqueen & Georgia Moffett.
  • The Doctor and Clara’s comic strip adventures continue in The Eye of Torment written by Scott Gray, illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
  • The Time Team comment on the 2008 Tenth Doctor episode The Stolen Earth.
  • Jacqueline Rayner writes about the different ways of watching new episodes in Relative Dimensions.
  • The results of the DWM 2013 Merchandise Poll are revealed.
  • The Watcher tackles the controversial subject of last-minute edits in Wotcha!
  • The DWM crossword, prize-winning competitions and much more!

Issue 478 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is on sale from this Thursday at all good newsagents until 12th November priced £4.99 per copy.